Tories set to redefine EI, 'suitable work' -

Tories set to redefine EI, ‘suitable work’


No job is a bad job, according to Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who made the comments Monday in the latest sign yet the Tories will soon expect Employment Insurance recipients to take whatever work is available, no matter the pay or their own qualifications.

Government leaders have hinted for months that an EI overhaul is on the way. But the details have remained murky. Speaking to reporters Monday, Flaherty fleshed out those plans somewhat, saying there will soon be a “broader definition” of what’s known as “suitable work”—in other words, the kinds jobs recipients are expected to apply for and take before qualifying for benefits. “I was brought up in a certain way,” Flaherty said, according to the Globe and Mail. “There is no bad job. The only bad job is not having a job. So I drove a taxi. You know, I refereed hockey. You do what you have to do to make a living.”

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Tories set to redefine EI, ‘suitable work’

  1. One of the points of EI is that it gives you the time to find higher quality jobs that don’t staff as quickly as low-skill ones. I know of several people who’ve used EI to cover the two months or so it can take to find a quality job in their field, giving them the time to look for work full-time, and as a result they’ve gone on to enjoy stable, well-renumerated careers. Flaherty would apparently be happier of those people had stayed in low-pay, no-benefit jobs all this time, so that they wouldn’t be able to save or gain useful experience. That doesn’t build long-term prosperity.

    • We don’t know, however, what timelines are involved. For example, maybe the current rules would apply for someone who is on EI for 3 months or less after which they need to start looking at a broader range of jobs. Of course, I have no idea what his plans are but it makes sense to me that the longer you are on EI, the more you will need to compromise in terms of type of job.

      • I think that the majority of people who receive EI benefits do expand their job searches after several months of watching their savings get eaten up, since EI benefits are a max of $412.50/wk.
        During my last period of prolonged unemployment, I took a couple of contract jobs that I probably would not have considered when I was newly unemployed. These jobs paid several hundred dollars a week less than I usually earn w/out any benefits and were both difficult jobs. I took them because the alternative was to continue withdrawing from my RSP’s to pay my mortgage. I don’t think I’m any different from most other people on EI.

  2. Driving a Taxi and being a Ref aren’t really all that bad… how about a vegan working in a slaughterhouse? A paraplegic working as a bike delivery driver? The work is available right? No EI for you.

    • “A vegan working in a slaughterhouse”
      If that’s the only job available to them, then perhaps they need to consider moving! ;-)
      “A paraplegic working as a bike delivery driver?”
      Presumably a paraplegic would be on disability, not EI?

    • It’s interesting how people suit their perceptions of what the details of a policy must entail to suit their perceptions. I wonder if the two examples the poster assumed were a pressing need have EVER been at issue in the history of the system?

  3. Welfare should be the same way, worker on EI seem to get punished while welfare bums seem to still get anything they want and need and not have to ever work

  4. This is crazy this Harper government is going to change Canada in such a bad way!! Flaherty worked as taxi driver ? when as a teen or young adult before kids and morgages ,how whould it be for him togo back to that sort of job now? Many families will skilled or semi skilled jobs are having a hard time making ends meet now the Tories and thier new rules are going to ruin many Canadian lives .For example in the health care industry most jobs start as casual employment being available for the last minute on call shifts is very important in getting hired as part or full time. If I had a job at timmies or mcdonalds it would be almost impossible to get a job in my field again.There is such a thing as a bad job and that is one that makes it impossible to meet your needs and more importantly to ever be able to meet those needs .
    And dont worry Bill B Im sure Harper will get on those welfare bums soon enough and surely not in a way that will make any of them in any way feel valuable to themselves or society.

    • I’m sure Harper would love to “get on those welfare bums”, but that’s provincial jurisdiction. More likely, he & Flaherty are hoping to push some people off EI and onto the welfare rolls in order to download costs.

  5. Easy for Flaherty to say. When he needs $ he just cooks the books.

  6. Tories have no values they want to change Canada from welfare state to human rights abused state . Tories only thing they wholeheartedly support is the war crimes of Israel or US . they have Impeccable record otherwise, and they are sure that if they abuse the rights of Canadians they can get away with that. They will still manage to get the votes of seniors who may have been abused by tories but share the racist values and will still vote for them, if more than half the people do not even vote , you can still glorify the democracy because it has to be glorified(text book says so), they have already changed service Canada from real service to an extortion Mafia instead, King Harper needs to go, he is greedy , selfish, mean and power hungry.