Tories table more censored detainee documents

Does or doesn’t Parliament have the right to review the documents?


Opposition MPs will have their hands full this Easter. On Thursday, the government delivered to the House of Commons 6,200 more pages of documents relating to Canada’s handling of Aghan detainees. This is the second time in less than two weeks that the government has released heavily-redacted material. The move came just one day after Justice Minister Rob Nicholson lashed out at the opposition, arguing that parliament has no right to demand full access to protected information. “I would remind the House that our parliamentary privileges are not indefinite nor unlimited, he noted on Wednesday. MPs report that the documents dumped in the House of Commons are heavily redacted. “We’re obviously going to be spending the next several days looking at them,” confirmed Liberal foreign affairs critic Bob Rae. Rae says “the speaker is eventually going to have to rule on this question… Does Parliament have the right to review the documents?”

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Tories table more censored detainee documents

  1. Parliament is bigger than the Reformacon party. Harper and his gangs of nitwits will learn that eventually.

  2. This is a slap in the face to Parliament. Doesn't the Harper party realize that the more they pull stunts like this the more it looks like they're not only hiding something, but that they have nothing but contempt for Parliament and for Canadians who send their elected representatives to Ottawa?

  3. Just love the way these Liberals are showing day by day that they are not fit to govern. This whole issue is an overblown opposition attempt to create an election issue. Meanwhile Harper is changing the face of the nation. Way to use that valuable opposition time there Libbies. Way to waste it on a non issue! Harper knows this and that is why he is keeping it alive with these document drops here and there. Iggy and Rae are taking the bait daily. Stupid Liberals!

    • Let's have an independent inquiry into this issue and finally put an end to all of the speculation. This way conservative government behaves exactly as Catholic Church – deny the public the right to know and hope for the best.

      • More liberal idiocy. Next you'll be arguing that conservatives are child abusers. Only an idiot would attempt such a leap in illogic.

      • You are kidding of course. If we truly believe the opposition is entitled to any document they want to see without redaction then why didn't MPs demand all of the documents pertaining to Maher Arar. That's because it happened under a Liberal regime who had a majority government and the opposition knew full well they are not entitled to see everything. The government must obey the law when it comes to national security and privacy laws.

  4. The Conservatives, who ran on accountability, have no interest in it. Remember, the Liberals were in power not too long ago, and I don't remember any leaked state secrets.

  5. Slapping Parliament in the face, "Harper will learn from this eventually"… just dreams of liberals. Canadians know it's a war and don't expect to have all the gritty details released about the detainees. At least not while the war is still going on. It does nothing but serve the Taliban to do so.

  6. This bunch of completely useless and blacked-out documents looks like the 'originals wearing burqas or niqab'

  7. Denial, hesitation and avoidance to release documents about this issue, just undermines the conservative government's claim for being transparent and honest. This is cover-up of yet unknown proportions. I support opposition in their insistence, because until facts (not blacked-out) prove that the government officials and top military brass are innocent Canadian democratic principles are seriously endangered.

    • Too bad. Your buddies are going to lose the fight. Milliken can rule in favour of the opposition but that will result in an appeal to the Supreme Court which could take months maybe even years to get a ruling. Probably it will be an election and trust me detainees will not be a ballot question.

  8. Much ado about nada. Would any serious reader of this blog want sensitive information to be released to certain low-lifers in Parliament? I hope not.

    • You're arguing for totalitarianism. Either government is accountable to our democratically elected body, or it's not.

  9. We are well served by having some limits to transparency. It is useful to allow politicians to make plans in private, for instance, so that they can float ideas that might be unpopular or considered inappropriate. It is useful for the government to protect the identities of spies and double-agents. Moreover, when we are fighting a war, it is certainly important to keep things like troop positions or some military plans secret. Do we really want Scott Brison sending off emails saying "U will not b-lieve who = a spy!"

    • You know better, htoh. I know you've been on these boards to see the numerous discussions on the MPCC, the Privy Council, swearing committee members to secrecy, etc.

      The rest of the Harperites commenting above you may not be aware of all the accommodations willing to be enacted to protect national security, but you don't have that excuse.

  10. They want the darn documents and they get them and then they whine. They are not going to get unredacted documents until they are cleared by the former Justice. Milliken can rule in favour of the opposition but that will result either in an election or an appeal to the Supreme Court.
    The opposition are desperate and Canadians keep telling them in the polls we don't care. Iffy's ratings keep falling and Dosanjh looks more silly each day and there are no words to describe Boob Rae. He is a socialist through and through and is trying to hijack the Liberal party.

    • Maybe someday the government will torture your family. Then we'll see whether you approve of a cover-up.

    • They didn't receive documents. They received page after page of black rectangles. The Parliamentary Order was to submit documents, unredacted. They are still defying Parliament, should and will be found in contempt.

    • You know absolutely nothing of what you purport to speak.

  11. Malicious compliance is an entertaining short term strategy, but not usually successful in the longer term.

    I expect better from my government.

    • Still much ado about nada. Parliament is full of security risks and those who would do the country down. The country is at war and security precautions are warranted to protect lives and allow the management of the war to do its job. One is not amused by loud mouthed bureaucrats and opposition politicians undermining the military, both groups of which should know better, but just don't care. Every time one hears the "Charter" mentioned one is reminded that "patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel".

      • How many of the 308 parliamentarians would you consider to be security risks? Perhaps you could also provide an approximate breakdown on a party basis.

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