Tories tie health transfers to GDP growth

Some provincial ministers outraged by non-negotiable deal


Jim Flaherty is not a man who respects the sanctity of the buffet. The diminutive federal finance minister stunned his provincial colleagues over a pick-and-eat lunch Monday when he presented them with a new health care accord. According to the Globe and Mail, the text of the agreement spoiled more than one meal. The new deal, which Flaherty said will not be negotiated, ties future health transfers to GDP growth. By contrast, the previous accord, terms of which will continue through 2016-17, guaranteed the provinces a six per cent increase per annum. Western premiers seemed mostly sanguine about the take-or-leave-it offer. But from Manitoba eastward, there was outrage. “My feelings have moved from surprise to anger,” Stan Struthers, Manitoba’s finance minister, said, according to the Globe. “They just landed this on the table over the lunch hour. It caught us all by surprise.”

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Tories tie health transfers to GDP growth

  1. It is rather interesting how a government who gives lip-service to giving provinces power has no qualms about governing by fiat against the provinces.

  2. Finally! Someone is bringing some leadership to this ageless and unsustainable issue. As long as Ottawa tries to assuage the Premiers, health costs will simply continue to skyrocket, and healthcare, as we know it, will decline. We don’t need to look far to see governments here and there, who are just beginning to deal with uncontrolled spending. Who do we think we are, that we can continue to increase health care spending that wants to outstrip our GDP?

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