Tories to hit the road -

Tories to hit the road

Harper expected to announce cross-country tour


Before he leaves for the G20 summit in Seoul, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to announce plans for the Conservative Party to embark on a cross country tour. Sources inside the PMO have said that Tory cabinet ministers and MPs will visit small towns to gather feedback about a long-term economic plans. The tour is happening at the same time as the Finance Committee’s pre-budget hearings, causing some to speculate about an upcoming election.

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Tories to hit the road

  1. I really hope we get more pictures/videos of our leaders dancing. Finally we might see who has a better sense of rhythm.

    • i dunno…look what the rhythm method did for Vic Toews.

      • I don`t know what that means.

        • Well, apparently Vic doesn't believe in condoms…

        • Huh. Okay. Vic decided to have intercourse with a woman who was not his wife and fathered a child. Given his professed religious beliefs and his condemnation of anybody who had any sort of sex outside of what he considered to be a marriage, it's funny.

          • So is it funny in a —Harper is just like Pol Pot —-way or is it just funny that you feel you can inject yourself and your twisted logic into other peoples lives, that you know nothing about.

          • Oh, I'm pretty familiar with the Minister of Family Values.

  2. I'm looking forward to many posts from Conservative supporters denouncing this move as a waste of time and a joke like they did with Ignatieff's cross-country tour this past summer… unless that was all just partisan hoo-ha.

    • This is a waste of time and a joke (at least politically). Harper will tour a statistically unrepresentative subset of the country in order to see whether ordinary Canadians agree with the policies he has already decided to implement. The real public consultation occured (or will occur) through Tory internal polling.

  3. Geez Doesn't this guy have a day job requiring his attention?

  4. Ah. Glorious Leader has come up with a new 5 year plan and wishes to promote it to the citizens in the countryside. This will truly be a great leap forward for all Canadians.

  5. The goal is to tell every Canadian – in person! – about the threat to our country posed by the Ignatieff-Bloc-NDP coalition.

    Though he might not bother visiting downtown Toronto.

  6. First step: Show him Canada on the map.
    Second step: Remind him how long he's been in power & not done a damm thing but recklessly spend our money.
    Third step: Call the election.
    we'll tell you then what we think.

  7. Let's see. "hosertohoosie" and other Liberals/NDPers complain that Mr. Harper plans to go on the road to meet citizens of Canada, to hear what they have to say. Of course, if Mr. Harper doesn't do this, then these same "progressives" will complain that Mr. Harper is too isolated, never speaks to the common man/woman, etc. Sounds like the normal leftie and "progressive" whine: "Hey, WE can suck and blow at the same time".

    • I'm a Tory, and I assure you, my whining is most regressive. This is window dressing, just like Ignatieff's tour was. Policy is not crafted by people personally talking to ordinary Canadians, nor should it be. People have a good understanding of their own preferences, but a poor understanding of how policies relate to those preferences (bureaucrats know a lot about how to use policy to get outcomes, but cannot get at voter preferences – that is why we have politicians). Moreover, national tours consult an unrepresentative sample of Canadians, whereas focus groups and polls can give us a much better sample.

    • "Let's see. "hosertohoosie" and other Liberals/NDPers complain that Mr. Harper plans to go on the road to meet citizens of Canada, to hear what they have to say."

      May I edit your statement in the interests of accuracy?

      Should read: "…Mr. Harper plans to go on the road to meet carefully pre-selected card-carrying partisans of the CPC under closely-controlled conditions to hear what he deigns to tell them."

      There…that's better. You're welcome.

      • Let`s hope he doesn`t contract some mechanically-challenged blue bus to carry him and some sympathetic journalists around the country ( a minivan might suffice if that`s the case ).

        Yeah and he`ll probably wear a blue baseball cap and a plaid shirt ( this is your cue to link to that old photo you have of Harper ted ).

  8. Anybody else getting the feeling that we're being governed by a less-competent version of Pol Pot?

    • Er, I can't stand the man and quite dislike most of his policies, but Pol Pot? Really? Isn't it supposed to he, Clement and Flaherty who deal in spewing hyperbolic assertions and comparisons? Leave it to them, thanks.

      • Um…hates education and intellectuals, wants to remake the world (or at least the country) into his image of nirvana, seems disengaged from reality, tends to be a bully, has a demonstrated propensity for being an autocrat, depends on dishonest rhetoric and fear to maintain power.

        I'm running through the list of famous political figures, but really Pol Pot is the best fit.

        • Harper shut down parliament… Pol Pot killed a million people.
          Harper cancelled the census… Pol Pot killed a million people.
          Harper is making questionable millitary purchases… Pol Pot killed a million people.
          Harper is overly partisan… Pol Pot killed a million people.

          Yeah, I'm no Harper fan, but I don't think they belong in the same category. Genocide is a kind of a deal-breaker.

          • Sorry, you're indulging in a logical fallacy. Harper may or may not be willing to kill a million people, but that's not the comparison I'm making.

            The comparison I'm making is one anti-intellectual autocrat to another.

            Pol Pot fired all of the experts. Pol Pot made decisions based on his gut instinct. Pol Pot preached populism while creating his own elite. Pol Pot was incompetent.

            Not having committed genocide (or intellectual-cide) does not make Harper any more competent than Pol Pot. It does not make him any more democratic. It does not make him any less autocratic.

          • Even the autocrat one-to-one comparison is retarded. Give it up. You overreached.

          • So, are you saying he's more like Mussolini then?

          • May or may not be willing to kill a million people!?

            Good God, man. Are you daft?!!!

          • Not at all. Are you?

      • I`m so used to seeing the hyperbole that I wouldn`t have noticed the Pol Pot reference if you hadn`t pointed it out.

        • Yeah, Pol Pot liked to refer to dissent as hyperbole too.

      • DerekPearce

        Harper is just warming up. Give him a chance, like a majority, and he'll outdo Pol Pot.

  9. I would dearly love to see him go to a real community forum and not just some pre-selected rah-rah rallies. He'd never have the guts to talk to a true cross-section of the population.

    • Hey, maybe a Pol Pot lookalike would like to talk to him.

    • He never called me up today, even though he was in town. That's kind of unfortunate…I was moving some steel pipes around and could have used a hand.

    • I do strongly encourage you to go to hear him when he comes to your neighbourhood, if you hear about it beforehand.

  10. I guess I'm the only one fine with this.

    Harper finally has someone else to follow in terms of budget planning (Cameron ins the UK) since the man has no imagination and very little cojones. He's basically going to pitch his ideas to people and see what they say.

    If they like it he'll launch into cutting spending mode, if not he won't risk losing his tentative grip on that 35% he's got.

    • Yeah; real committment from a fake economist!

  11. The memo from Harper central says the press corp is tagging along on the tour and will receive regular updates from Dimitri Soudas at every location and they have agreed beforehand to print Harper's talking points unedited.

    • Ah, Dmitri Soudas. Updates from him are kind of like missives from your pet gerbil. No useful information, but it's fun to watch that wheel spin.

  12. I wonder if PM Harper will dress up in a costume like American Iggo did… Checkered shirts tucked into his underpants and Quebec made cowboy boots… That would be seriously cool. Perhaps he will pontificate on and on and on while relating his imaginary encounters with "ordinary Canadians" like whats his name in Toronto, or what's her face from Montreal. That would be super-duper cool. Although he should stay away from broken down buses and cynical photo- ops at cheese factories, and construction sites, American Iggo and the "Liberals" have that act all locked up.

    • I would be happy if Harper just had an ACTUAL debate….or ACTUALLY answered questions….but you are more than welcome to carry on with the Iggy Angst….. really is a bit of an obsession now and it's pretty amusing to watch……..