Tories to push for Senate term limits, elections

Government will introduce legislation for Senate reform in June


Just weeks after causing an uproar for appointing three defeated Conservative election candidates to the Senate, the Harper government has announced it will push to reform the chamber. The Conservatives will introduce legislation in June that will establish term limits and allow the provinces to set up Senate elections. The term limits will also affect senators already sitting in the chamber.  As the Official Opposition, the NDP’s stance is that the Senate should be abolished completely, rather than updated. Currently, the PM has the power to appoint senators, and they are allowed to hold their seats until the age of 75. The legislation is not expected to challenge the regional representation in the Senate, since to do so would require a Constitutional amendment. 

The Globe and Mail


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Tories to push for Senate term limits, elections

  1. Any and all changes by this “Harper Government”©® require the cooperation of the participants and are not binding in law. You want to change the nation you MUST open the constitution. Stop trying to cut corners and do things “the lazy man’s way”/

  2. This will be just as effective as the fixed election date law.

  3. truly brilliant and the timing incredible – I heard tell that stevie is thinking about appointing an NDP’er to the upper house next time – think about it folks !!!!!

  4. This only passes the smell test if Harper actually appoints NDPers, Liberals, or Greens that we elect.  Let’s see if that actually comes to pass.

  5. It’s about time they change the Senate. I know that the founders of the Confederation originally envisioned the Canadian Senate as a House of Lords without dukes and earls, but when people like former Canadiens hockey coach Jacques Demers can become senators and draw a pension simply because they know somebody, the system has to be changed. 

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