Tornadoes touch down in Saskatchewan


Five tornadoes touched down in Saskatchewan on Tuesday, according to the National Post. Meterologist Louis Kohanyi says there were two separate tornadoes near Balgonie, along with others near Southey, Fillmore, and Grenfell.

People are reporting damage to farm buildings.

The province usually sees 12 tornadoes a year, but Environment Canada estimates that there have already been 26 to 31 tornadoes this summer.

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Tornadoes touch down in Saskatchewan

  1. Once again, freak weather in a single year in a single location is not evidence of climate change. Just as it being unusually cold during a single spring or winter doesn’t mean there is no climate change, an unusually high rate of extreme weather events doesn’t mean it is happening either.

    ..but the number of times I’m having to repeat that warning is lending weight to the idea.

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