Toronto 18 ringleader sentenced to 16 years -

Toronto 18 ringleader sentenced to 16 years

Fahim Ahmad could be eligible for parole in just over three years


The 26 year-old head of a foiled plot to bomb targets in Toronto and Ottawa has been sentenced to 16 years in prison by a Brampton Court. Fahim Ahmad plead guilty to participating in a terrorist group, importing firearms and holding training camps to instruct his followers on how to assault targets like Parliament, the Canadian Broadcasting Centre and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service headquarters. Judge Fletcher Dawson found that although Ahmad led the plot, he was never actually close to carrying out an attack. He also acknowledged that Ahmad, who says he’s no longer intolerant of western people or other religions, was remorseful of his actions, saying “I am not dealing with someone who remains openly defiant. Perhaps I’m only optimistic, but I see prospects of rehabilitation.” The Crown asked for a sentence of 18 years to life, while the defense requested a 12 year sentence. Ahmad, who’s been in prison since 2006, will be granted double credit for his time in jail, meaning he could be eligible for parole in three and a half years.

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Toronto 18 ringleader sentenced to 16 years

  1. This should be a wake up call to those who think Omar Khadr should be repatriated. His family knowingly shipped their teen-aged son to Afghanistan as an Al-Qaeda trainee and foreign combatant. They knowingly committed treason against Canada(then under a Liberal government by the way), as We were fighting a UN sanctioned war against the ruthless Taliban there. Offer Omar the option of a one way ticket to prison for 8 years(no parol) or a one way plane ticket to his favorite muslim country with the proviso that his family goes with him and officially renounce their citizenship here! ! The vast majority of Canadians do not want him or his family here… Period

    • Great solution. Too bad there's no way in law we could do it, because that would be awesome.

    • How we wish we could do that too. This family from Grandmother, father down to grandsons are nothing but trouble. Is it possible to sue and deport them for violating their oath of citizenship?

  2. Why can't he just spend his 18 year sentence in a Pakistani jail? Don't we have some sort of arrangement along those line? Jeez, that would be nice…..

  3. Deport these non-Canadians. Their citizenship means nothing to them, therefore their citizenship shouldn't mean anything to us.

  4. Our justice system is an absolute farce. Of course he's remorseful, he got caught! Is any consideration given to the result if these terrorists had actually pulled off their proposed plan? Is it going to take an actual bomb going off before we start to take these things seriously? The fact that he's eligible for parole in just over 3 years is disgusting.

  5. Unfortunatelly our justice system is soked up with political correctness and trudeaupian apologetic multi-culti crap.