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‘Toronto 18’ terror cell member up for release

Despite parole eligibility, Ali Dirie doesn’t expect to be freed


Ali Dirie, one of those convicted in connection with the ‘Toronto 18’ terrorist cell, appeared at a parole hearing in Montreal on Monday saying he was a changed man. “I still oppose it,” Dirie said of the war in Afghanistan, “but I don’t intend to bring about change by damaging Canada to make them change their ways.” Dirie, who was sentenced to seven years behind bars last October, has been in jail since 2005, or before the police arrested the other members of the terrorist cell in 2006. The judge in his case ordered he serve at least one of the two years left on his sentence after time served before he could apply for parole. Dirie isn’t hopeful the National Parole Board will give him his freedom and he may be right: the team charged with monitoring him believes he still poses a threat.

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‘Toronto 18’ terror cell member up for release

  1. "…the team charged with monitoring him believes he still poses a threat."

    Wow…that's encouraging seeing as in another year he'll have served out his sentence and be back on the street.

  2. Deport him to the world of violence, we don't need him in Canada.

  3. Make him serve his full sentence, then deport him. He says he has nothing to apologize for. Remember, he was in jail for smuggling guns into Canada for the express purpose of committing assasinations

    • just send him back, eh! why waste more resources on him?!

  4. How can anyone feel sorry for this piece of sh8t? He's tried to endanger countless innocent lives in the hopes of being with 73 virgins in the afterlife. This reward somehow got lost in translation and is a 73 year virgin.

  5. Is there any way to deport him after his release?

    • Good question, apparerently he was born in Somalia, if he is not a Canadian citizen can they deport him ?….Anybody know ?

  6. Just deport this pc of sh*t !!

  7. Wow! This is why we are concerned about immigration. There are certain countries out there that should no longer be allowed to immigrate to Canada. They will not change their ways and our once safe and beautiful country will be no more. Please Government of Canada look out for us. Ban immigration from these countries that are full of terrorists. They will never change. This Somali should be sent back immediately with no questions back. How dare they think they can come here and be accepted.

    • "How dare they think they can come here and be accepted. "

      they don't dare. they know. :-(

  8. Sometimes I wonder what Canada would be like if the "Toronto 18" were successfull…. hey, wait a minute I'd be pretty pi$$ed off at the RCMP for selling them the bomb-making materials and letting them kill hundreds of people….

    Come on folks, this was theatre for the masses, courtesy of the RCMP and CSIS. These guys had no capability (the three or four of them who had intent to kill), and the rest were campers and children who got swept up in Draconian laws. Even Stephen Harpers Advisory Council on National Security called them jihadi wannabees.

    Watch Unfair Dealing on google video and see that this is not all its cut out to be. For the most accurate timeline of the TOronto 18, visit: