Toronto 18 trial concludes -

Toronto 18 trial concludes

But threat of homegrown terrorism is alive and well, experts say


After four years, the Toronto 18 terror cell story closed Wednesday with the convictions of 11 members. But experts warn there is no end to the threat of homegrown religious extremism among Muslim youth in Canada, the Toronto Star reports. Community members and security experts say Muslim youth are being radicalized by the extremist community online and behind the closed doors of private prayer rooms. There is also the problem of young radicals travelling overseas from Canada to countries such as Somalia and Pakistan to fight jihad. The trend is especially troubling for Canada’s spy agency, which is tracking people with possible links to terrorism. “Terrorism on Canadian soil is a real threat,” says RCMP Supt. Jamie Jagoe, who until recently oversaw all national security investigations in Ontario. “There was a number of individuals who were involved in a conspiracy, who were willing to commit an attack on Canadian soil, which would have caused, most likely, large-scale mass casualties and death.”

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Toronto 18 trial concludes

  1. How about if we put a ban on immigration from Muslim countries, arrest Muslim clerics who preach hate and death of the West, have a travel/entrance ban for Muslim countries (including to and from non-Canadian ports), and deport terrorists found on our soil to their country of origin, regardless if they have Canadian citizenship (as they never meant the oath that they took when becoming "citizens").

    • While we are at it,let`s deport the NeoCons and Israeli supporters so they can stop dragging us to wars for Israel.

  2. to citizen_CA:

    Excellent idea. It should have started a long time ago.

  3. Deportation should be immediate after their sentences are complete, their citizenship is meaningless to them and an affront to real Canadians, get them out.

  4. I agree with all those suggestions for the bad Muslims. Now what are we going to do to help the good one's? Or do we not consider them part of our society and therefore contrubute to their alienation? In this age of sabre-rattling and wars between civilizations, don't forget that we are LOSING the war in the sandbox. Fact is, we were never winning it at any point. I for one do not want a modern day Crusade because we had our arses handed to us the last time around.

    • a very good point – this case was undone by two Muslim agents – how do we make more of those?

  5. Time to deport Imam's who preach hate and jihad.

  6. Ban these threats to our safety and all that our fathers have created here. These new immigrants should have been refused entry long ago.
    Canadian Freedom Fighter

  7. I am the Canadian Freedom Fighter, opposed to brown immigrants who threaten and undermine our freedom and safety. Come join my fight.