Toronto archbishop named cardinal

Archbishop Thomas Christopher Collins received the call from the Vatican via his BlackBerry


Toronto archbishop Thomas Christopher Collins has become only the sixteenth Canadian cardinal of the Roman Catholic church, the CBC reports. Cardinals are the closest aides to the Pope. Archbishop Collins, 64, is one of 22 new cardinals named. They will be officially installed in a ceremony known as a consistory to be held on Feb. 18 at the Vatican. Collins will continue as archbishop of Toronto, but will now add frequent trips to Rome. “The role of cardinal is one of service for the wider church — that of course is a great honour and responsibility,” said Collins. “I love being a priest, I love being a bishop — it’s just an awesome experience to receive that call from the Lord.” Collins received the call via a message on his BlackBerry telling him to call the Pope’s representative. The new appointments bring the total number of cardinals to 214, of whom 125 are under the age of 80. Those under 80 are responsible for choosing a new pope, if necessary.

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Toronto archbishop named cardinal

  1. What productive work does a Cardinal do, other than make trips to Rome and live quite luxuriosly?  I view Rome as one of the great corporations of today, making profits from the innocent, and often illiterate followers of Jesus, whilst losing sight completely of the life of our saviour, who lived simply and focused on the poor and less privileged.  The roman church over the centuries have just become another Roman Empire.

    • I know how you can really stick it to those greedy Catholics: give all, and I do mean all, of your money and property away to the poor.  Put it on YouTube.  Post a link here.  That will really embarrass them.  

      Until such time, how’s about you stop coveting your neighbour’s goods?

      PS: Archbishop Collins would put you to shame with how hard he works.  

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