Toronto Gay Pride—politics, drag and dancing -

Toronto Gay Pride—politics, drag and dancing

Mercer and Stronach play with water guns (PHOTOS)


Politicos and celebrities marched with drag queens in this year’s Pride parade in Toronto. Some were armed with water guns. Below, Rick Mercer and Belinda Stronach.


Proud Liberals carry the Liberal banner, while Bob Rae carries the Canadian flag.



Liberal MP Dr. Carolyn Bennett.


Liberal MP Rob Oliphant.


Toronto Mayor David Miller.


Toronto mayoral candidate George Smitherman.


Toronto mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi.


Ontario Liberal MPP Glen Murray (middle).


NDP float.


NDP leader Jack Layton (in pink).


NDP MP Olivia Chow.


Green leader Elizabeth May.


Pride grand marshals Todd Klinck and Mandy Goodhandy.


Toronto Gay Pride—politics, drag and dancing

  1. Was there no Conservative float?

    • It was a big closet. Hi-o!

      • No Rob Ford for Mayor float either. Interestingly – a Rocco Rossi float. He may lean right, but he's not afraid of Queers.

    • Dimtre was in the dog suit.

  2. I don't care where you stand on the ol' political spectrum – the bobby in the tutu is freaking hilarious! :)

  3. I would have thought the gay pride parade would have been more about having pride in being gay, instead of boosting for your favourite political party, politician, religion or totally unrelated political cause (e.g., Israel apartheid).

    • The supporters of that group argue (rightly or wrongly) that it is not unrelated.

    • geez, I find myself agreeing with Olaf on this issue.

      it's a "parade", not a protest.

      There are so many protest groups they can join and have their say.

      • I find myself agreeing with Olaf on this issue

        That's gotta hurt.

        • Not at all.

          What's next – politicing the Santa Claus Parade?

          Can't those angry people just let people enjoy themselves once in a while?

  4. Looks like everybody had a great time!

    • It was great until you consider the water balloons that smacked people – Pride participants and spectators alike – in the face.

  5. So, activism and diversity and gay rights don't come in shades of blue ever?

    I am honestly rather surprised — really NO CPC representatives at all, or just none to be photographed, Mitch?

    • Baird on vacation or just hiding?

      • Or Kenney?

        How's about Lukiwski, dirty fingernails and all?

        • That reminds me – Lukiwski made this big heartfelt apology with promises of reaching out to the gay community. Did he? What measures did he take to reach out?

          Is Kenney still a virgin? Whever I watch Kenney – the way he moves his hands reminds me of my 96 year old aunt.

          • Funny you should ask: I live in Regina.

            So far, all he's done is to ignore the invitations he receives to attend any gay events held here. He's not a no-show: he's a no freaking response ever.

            And yet he will be voted in again. Because that's the kind of voters we have here in SK. A Conservative could eat a baby in public and be voted in again.

    • Dianne Ablonczy got photographed with some gays and look what happened to her.

    • There's a dude with a blue shirt and blue flip-up sunglasses. Doesn't get more Conservative than that…

    • deborah gray should have shown up on her bike for the ladies

  6. What I would give to see Flaherty in a tutu, lol!

  7. I think its a political parade, not a gay pride parade.We had one in our city, it was so fun, and nobody saw all the libbies and lefties.As it should be.

  8. Politicians, haters of this and haters of that – Lame!

  9. Great pics Mitch…Pride parade was a blast…thanks to Kulanu and all those both gay and straight, Jewish and non-Jewish who came out to support Israel as the only country in the Middle East to defend LGBTQ rights

    • More Israeli pink-wash: what makes you think that since Israel offers better protections for LGBT people (except, generally, if they are Arab or other non-persons like Palestinians) that other states in the area that they are inoculated against criticism from queers for Israel's Apartheid policies?

      And hooray for Kulanu for their blindingly stupid choices to let the anti-gay, violence-endorsing, straight boy thugs from the Jewish Defence League march with them. Way to reach out to the haters!

      And, of course, who can forget the gay hating pro-Israel lobby groups: B'nai Brith has worked closely with Canada's most prominent anti-gay activists, including Charles McVety of the Canada Family Action Coalition. CJC's Reuven Bulka (once co-president, on the board) is a homophobic rabbi who sat on the scientific advisory committee of the U.S.-based National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), which advocates conversion therapy for queers and supports the re-listing of homosexuality as a psychiatric disorder. Ironic that these same gay-hating right wing conservative groups now hold up Israel's protections for queers as a reason why Israel cannot be criticized in any way, shape or form.

      These groups are clear enemies to the LGBT community – shame on Kulanu for being willing pawns to let LGBT haters hijack your group in their quest for suppressing free legal speech!

  10. Great pics but why no pics of TNT group? Find it odd that tons of all the other groups but TNT. Not all of them were nude so there should been something that was printable.

    • Although the parade is for the most part positive, there are some hidden double standards. If women were to march completely nude in the parade, you can be certain that there would be reprucussions. I thought that one of the purposes of the parade was to do away with ALL double standards.

      • Yawn.. women don't march nekkid because all the straight men in the crowd leering at them make them feel unsafe. The dykes I know don't even take their tops off in the parades (Dyke March and the main parade) any more because of the unwelcome advances from the scores of dumb horny straight guys.

        Funny, the double standard here is fueled by idiot HETEROSEXUALS.

    • because they are bunch of slutty whores and their bums are so loose that they suck all the clothes into their arses

  11. Why do gays and lesbians rate so many politicians attending? Isn't this becoming favouritism, which is a form of discrimination. You wouldn't see that many politicians at any other parade! And I have to assume that all these politicians support Queers Againt Israeli Apartheid.

    • I live in a tiny community in Elko, British Columbia, with about 100 residents. We had festivities, including a parade to celebrate Elko being 100 years old back in 2000. Our parade was small, but the biggest participants were our local politicians. And it wasn't even a pride parade. They do show up, and so they should. I want to see our elected politicians where I don't have to pay $100 a plate.

  12. NOT a fan of the parade. If some of these acts were done on the street at any other time, they would have been thrown in the slammer!!! If gays want to be accepted then a pornographic display is NOT the way. I am sorry that "Toronto the Good" is long gone!!!

  13. Hate f .. homos!