Toronto is least happy city in Canada: study -

Toronto is least happy city in Canada: study

Quebec and P.E.I. are the happiest, says a new report


Compared with dwellers of Quebec and P.E.I., Ontarians are a glum bunch, according to a new study by the Canadian Centre for the Study of Living Standards. In fact, Torontonians fell at the bottom of the pack in a ranking of cities based on life satisfaction and happiness. Some factors that led to Toronto’s low ranking include high stress, a diminished sense of community, and employment worries. But let’s not lose perspective: the Toronto Star notes that Canada as a whole consistently ranks among the five happiest nations in the world, and is the happiest member of the G7.

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Toronto is least happy city in Canada: study

  1. And the winner of the "obvious statement of the year" award goes to…

  2. The source report:

    Two things jump out on first gloss,

    1. The variation between most and least happy regions is small – only a 5% gap on the scale.

    2. From the report: "It appears that happiness in Canada is primarily determined by the individual
    characteristics of the people in the population, not the average characteristics of the geographic unit in which the
    people live."

  3. If I had to watch the Leafs for 82 games a year I'd be pretty miserable too.

  4. also explains why they're the only reliably liberal voting block – misery loves company.

  5. My wife read this, and said; 'Look who lives there'. She is right, the left is the most humourless lot in the land.

  6. After two years there I can agree…the place is full of douche bags, materialistic sluts and retarded opinion riddled hipsters…piled on top of conservative business types and no brain rich folk sprinkled with low end gangsta garbage and finally topped with an air of importance that has never been earned..ha. I'll never live there again that's for sure, dismal and disgusting, both the weather and the people. Suck it Toronto, seriously.

    • the comments regarding culture and all the other things that any city has..I'd agree, yes, there is lots of culture there, but the good in Toronto doesn't come close to balancing out the reasons why it's not fit for human beings. Take a drink from the lake..there's your culture.

    • And what pray tell is the lucky lucky city housing you now?

  7. I live in Toronto and have for the better part of a decade. I'm originally from another part of the country, which isn't relevant here, but I feel that i need to weigh in on a couple of things.
    People here are unhappy, you can see it on everyone's face. You can extrapolate that from the 1 in 10,000 people who say thank you for holding the door for them and watch as their eyes light up like you've awakened a long hidden joyous memory of the wonder of their first Christmas morning.
    Toronto has it's benefits to be sure; beautifully multicultural, incredibly safe and peaceful in nearly every burrow, some museums and lots of concerts and sporting events. Not to mention world class diplomatic gatherings. No olympics yet but i bet it'll be quite the spectacle. One envisions a businessman with briefcase and flailing tie, skiing down an artificial jump, grabbing a latte as he passes by the starbucks that's just sprung up halfway down, and then soaring over the projected abyss of dollar signs while spouting beat poetry about how productive it is downtown.

    But really, if Toronto is a world class city, it seems to be hiding it or at least pretending it's too cool to acknowledge it's awesomeness like so many of it's coffee serving citizens. But we can all see that behind the facade… it knows it's really world class.

    And while I've not been to all the cities of the world, this seems to point out the much larger problem facing not only all of the unhappy minions who fuel the economy of this great industrial machine we in the rest of the country all know as "the center of the universe," but also with the rest of the world who strive to be as deeply world class….. who incidentally must really, really, reeeaaaallllly be suffering.
    Is this what humanity is striving toward? If for no other reason the world needs to STOP RIGHT NOW and decide which fork in the road to follow.

    Lets get it together people!
    For the children.

  8. Well, considering that list urban flit they had for a mayor and his gaggle of shrieking liberal minions, it is no wonder everyone is depressed. Maybe the new mayor can turn things around, but from out here in God's country – Tranna is doing that last swirl around the toilet bowl.