Toronto man reportedly killed fighting in Somalia -

Toronto man reportedly killed fighting in Somalia

Recruited by a banned terrorist group, he died a “martyr”


Last week, the federal government outlawed another terrorist organization: Al-Shahab, a Somali militant group linked to al-Qaeda that has been recruiting fighters from a Toronto mosque. The RCMP and CSIS have been investigating a number of men who allegedly left Toronto to join the group—and if the reports are correct, one of those Canadians has died a martyr. According to a message posted on an extremist website, and uncovered by the U.S.-based SITE Intelligence Group, a Toronto man identified as Mohamed al Muhajiri was killed in a battle with Somali government forces. “Don’t be sadden [sic] but rather rejoice in the news of your dear brother and follow his foot steps and march forth in the ranks of the honest mujahideen, Al-Shabab mujahideen,” the message reads. Canadian authorities have not confirmed the death.

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Toronto man reportedly killed fighting in Somalia

  1. Hey….if some nut-case immigrant wants to leave Canada and get himself killed……more power to him.

    I'm celebrating too………but not for the same reasons. Too bad he wouldn't take a few hundred of his closest friends and have them join him in his martyrdom.

    • At least he wasn't wounded and made his way back to take advantage of our health care.

    • Don't think all immigrant are the same….Stupid Jack ass

      • Of course not all immigrants are the same…..

        The majority of the Non-Muslim immigrants….DON'T want to blow us up.

  2. Oh….one other thing.

    Maybe we should have CSIS and the RCMP keeping a closer eye on some of these "houses of Worship" in the toronto area. They seem to produce a lot of these dirt-bags.

  3. Ouch.

  4. Double Ouch!

  5. I am Somalian who doesn't live in the West, thank god. Yes he is nuts and people who indoctorinated are nasty and evil.

    But my question to the commentators here is; Instead of being sarcastic and unconnected to the problem, why don't we all, (yes, all human beings) defeat this new phenomena, so that we can live relative peace together.

  6. One must ask what is so wrong with life in Canada that a young person choses to die instead of being a productive member of society???

    Education focused on creating a hive of followers, i guess this dude did what he was educated to do… let us also guess the racists above are only doing what they were educated to do!!!

  7. I just hate terrorism and the only thing i can do for the one one who had died is "sympathy".

  8. Terrorism – I think this word should be deleted for all language and for all over the world. I am not saying just the word should be deleted I mean the thing which is responsible for terrorism.