Toronto mayor declares ‘war’ after another deadly shooting


A man was shot dead in Toronto yesterday, the Star reports, a day after a swarm of bullets took two lives and injured over 20 more. Mayor Rob Ford said “it’s time for us to declare war on these violent gangs“, according to the National Post.

The new murder victim was shot in a soccer field on Emmett Ave. near Jane St and Eglington Ave. W around 10 PM. It was the 29th homicide of the year in Toronto.

In response to the shooting on Monday night that claimed two lives, Mayor Ford said “It’s time to say ‘enough is enough.’ It is time to take action against the spineless cowards causing this violence.”

Police worry that retaliatory violence will spread, indicating that the Monday shooting was likely gang-related. A homicide detective urged anyone with information to call him at 416-808-7405.

Mayor Ford said “We must use every legal means to make life for these thugs miserable, to put them behind bars, or to run them out of town. We will not rest until being a gang member is a miserable, undesirable life.”


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Toronto mayor declares ‘war’ after another deadly shooting

    • There was no fear when we HAD the rope.

    • the establishment/system is carebear land compared to real life in these crime hubs.

  1. Drop the hyperbolic “war on” fill-in-the-blank language Mayor Ford. You sound like an American. And all this time I thought Toronto was the safest city in the world! Wow…shocker.

    • Mayor Ford will have a great photo-op as he pulls on a bullet proof vest, straps on a Glock pistol, and chases down some dumbass crack dealing homie in his personal war on gang violence. That is if he does’nt have a heart attack after just running just 30 yards down some back alley with the film crew in pursuit.

  2. And by war, he means subways, subways, subways! Rube’s too busy helping little old ladies get cracked sidewalks fixed to do anything about gang violence.

  3. Our courts needs to get tough on these thugs. How come they all come out after 2 to 5 years even if they have killed, raped, or attempted murder on someone. The guy who choped off the head of an innocent driver few years ago got out on being a crazy dude.. well i would like that mr crazy guy to do something with the family of the judge who let him off. Just caz he is a psycho doesn’t mean he is not going to kill anyone again. but no our courts got to go easy on everyone .. well then good luck with everything, why don’t they legalize everything and let ppl do what they want. Its a free country ain’t it.

    • I quite enjoyed reading your balanced and well informed comment. It brought tremendous depth and insight to this discussion.

  4. Release the hounds!! Perhaps trying a few illegal methods would help turn the tide very quickly

  5. Being a gang member is already a miserable, undesirable life. How did they get there? Not because they were over-priviledged and well educated.

    • How did they get there?!?!

      By making a choice, that’s how…

      • im sure theres TONS of options for uneducated poor people. idiot.

    • Research would indicate that gang members find a family within a gang that they did not find in their own home. How do we compete with a gang for the loyalty of a gang member if they think of the gang as their family?

  6. “Give it a decade or two and we will be seeing a surge in gang violence in Toronto.” Something that stuck in my head from a social worker being interviewed after the Mike Harris cuts to youth programmes. :(

  7. Yes, because all of our “wars” on broadly defined entities have gone quite well so far…

    Using inflamed language instead of actions seems to be the solution to everything these days. Ford’s probably just hoping the whole thing gets out of the press before someone starts asking him what he, as a businessman, is going to do to start creating these jobs he also says will “solve” the problem.

  8. When people stop using drugs, only then will the gangsters go away.

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