Toronto mayor hospitalized


On Tuesday night, Rob Ford was admitted to the emergency room of the Humber River Regional Hospital in Toronto.

Ford’s sister was asked to comment as she sat in the hospital. She kept mum. “I understand it’s a political position, but not in a hospital,” she said. “This is a really bad time.”

Ford’s press secretary texted the following statement, the Globe reports: “Earlier this evening, Mayor Rob Ford admitted himself to hospital after feeling unwell. The mayor is currently under observation as a precautionary measure and is expected to make a full recovery.”

Yesterday Toronto experienced its first day of private pickup of garbage, one of Ford’s major election promises. Green for Life (GFL) Environmental Corp started picking up waste from 165,000 households between Yonge St. and the Humber River. It missed deadlines on its first day, the Star reports

The company, Pickering-based Green for Life (GFL) Environmental Corp., has a seven-year agreement to collect the waste of 165,000 households between Yonge St. and the Humber River. Though it is contractually obliged to collect all waste by 6 p.m., bins remained untouched on some North York streets past 7 p.m. Tuesday evening.

Last year, Ford was admitted to hospital for kidney stones. This year, he lost 17 pounds during a public weight loss regime.

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Toronto mayor hospitalized

  1. Let’s all send his Worship a get well card. Mr. Ford, aka, the Mayor of Toronto, has been such a tireless advocate of the obvious attributes of being physically fit.

    • Banishing people from Toronto can get anyone to work up quite a sweat…especially when you talk to immigration, they just say the same thing over and over again!
      Rob: “I want to banish gun crime from Toronto, what can you do about it?”
      Immigration: “Your an idiot.”
      Rob: “Seriously, I am the mayor of Toronto… I know about these things”
      Immigration: “Your an idiot.”
      THAT my friend is a workout… may be a mental workout, but still a workout…

      • Mayor Ford needs to lose at least 100 lbs or he’s toast. Anyone carrying that much weight at his age is a sure fire recipe for a massive heart atack.

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