Toronto mayor won't run for re-election -

Toronto mayor won’t run for re-election

David Miller bows out


This summer wasn’t easy for Toronto Mayor David Miller. After a 39-day civic strike that saw garbage pile up and public support plummet, Miller announced today that he won’t be running for office again next year. The decision comes as somewhat of a surprise. When Miller, who enjoyed widespread popularity after being elected in 2003, was asked earlier this month about what kind of opponent deputy premier George Smitherman would make, he replied: “I’m sure in the next election I’ll have an opponent, and look forward to debating the issues with whoever it is.” Along with Smitherman, other possible candidates include former provincial conservative leader John Tory.

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Toronto mayor won’t run for re-election

  1. Dammit. I really wanted to vote him out of office.

  2. Skippy. Guys like you want to vote for a name. There are likely potential candidates out there, one in particular who may take the next election by storm after the voters find out who it is; and when he's good and ready to tell you. Are you trying to damn us with another four years of going nowhere? This isn't a popularity contest. It's choosing the leadership of our city.
    Examine the names you have proposed; you'll find out how unfit they are for the job of leader of this city. No ideas, vision, leadership, help with the development of the third or fourth largest city in North America.
    Your kind of choice is how we got Miller last time. The media gave three choices, based upon only a name: an empty wannabe Mayor with nothing to offer, one that kept telling the media that he didn't want to get elected, and media narrowed it down to one, and told the population of the city who to vote for. Like you're trying to do. Get real. When the time comes to register the candidates, there will be a couple of dozen names on the list you never even heard of. I for one want to know who the best person for the job is.
    Don't you?