Toronto mayor’s agenda on the day after being removed from office

Football and more football


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford talks to media at city hall on Mon., Nov. 26, 2012. (Nathan Denette/CP)

The clock is ticking for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who now has just 13 days to step down after Superior Court Justice Charles Hackland ruled Monday that the mayor had violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and has two weeks to vacate the mayor’s office.

A defiant Ford, however, told reporters after the ruling that he had no intention of stepping down and that he would appeal, ask the court for a stay and, if needed, run in a byelection to get his job back.

So, it’s business as (un)usual at Toronto City Hall and here’s what the day could look like for Ford:

9:30 a.m – City Council meeting

Items on the agenda at what could be Ford’s last ever council meeting include discussion of the Pan Am Aquatic Centre and Field House, strategies for the city’s homeless population during emergencies and an update on the fate of the Toronto Zoo elephants, among many others. An additional item will likely be added so that councillors can discuss their options after they become mayor-less in 13 days. This is the first day of a two-day meeting.

11:30 a.m. – Grey Cup parade

For a mayor who got himself into trouble over football, the Grey Cup parade is just one of two football-themed events that will likely be on Ford’s agenda Tuesday. The mayor himself has declared Tuesday Toronto Argonauts Day in honour of the Argos win over the Calgary Stampeders on Sunday, and Ford is scheduled to read a proclamation when the parade ends at City Hall.

8 p.m. – Metro Bowl football championship

In football-related appearance No. 2, Ford is scheduled to coach his high school team, the Don Bosco Eagles, in the Metro Bowl — a high school championship for the Greater Toronto Area. The Eagles will take on the Huron Heights Warriors from Newmarket, who might be wondering about all the media attention that is certain to be at the game. Though the kickoff isn’t scheduled until 8 p.m., it is likely that Ford will have to skip out of council early to coach, something that he has repeatedly come under fire for in the past.

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Toronto mayor’s agenda on the day after being removed from office

  1. You know, Ford is a bit of a character, but when you get right down to it, he’s a pretty reasonable mayor.
    I think what’s gone wrong is because he’s not part of the old-boy clique, just about everyone on council and the press in general are upset because he’s ‘not one of them’.
    I hope he doesn’t have to actually step down over something that would not have cost the job of anyone else in city hall (including, no doubt, the councillors who voted against him), but if he does, I hope he runs again and beats the pants off his politically-acceptable opponents.
    Just to be clear: Toronto is going to spend $7,000.000 on an election, over a package of letterhead.
    Hey, it’s a good thing the councillors didn’t find out about people using the photocopier without permission, or they’d have to fire half the munipal employees.

    • I would have to disagree with you there. Unfortunately, he’s not a reasonable mayor – his bull-headedness cost him his post, and it’s cost the city millions in cancelled construction contracts. He lost his job, not over a packet of letterhead, but because he refused to accept that the Integrity Commissioner had any power over him. He *knew* what he wanted to do, did it, and when it was pointed out to him that he had violated municipal rules, he dug his heels in and refused to make restitution. Rob Ford would still be mayor if he’d unbent long enough to pay the $3150 back to the lobbyists that donated to his football foundation. We don’t need a stubborn mayor – we need one that will work with EVERYONE in the city. And that’s not Rob Ford.

      • for 3,000 bucks he is kicked out. I think the punishment does not fit the crime. Wonder what should happen to a P.M. who cheats his way in, by using, let’s say, um….. elections canada?

        • Nope – not kicked out for $3000. Kicked out for ignoring the ruling of the ethics commissioner, and then voting on a matter in which he had a direct financial interest.

    • Ford has been a circus act from the get-go and frankly he knows he sells best that way.

      And just to be very clear, Ford is not getting turfed over a package of letterhead. That started it, but he had plenty of opportunities to rectify the situation. In fact, if he would have simply had the sense not to vote on whether on not he paid back the money, the judge would have had the wiggle room to let him off.

      The message of cutting costs at city hall clearly resonates. Backers of that vision should get behind someone competent like Doug Holyday who could rationally make the case, manage the media, and implement a reasonable budget while avoiding talk show gigs, weight loss stunts, ferris wheels, dangerous driving charges, mythical private-public partnerships and other assorted attention seeking behaviours.

    • The same legislation applies to all the other councilors. According to the act, it would apply to any “member of a council or of a local board”.

      Rob Ford is the very embodiment of the Old Boys Club – he’s a rich white dude who is sure he’s right, doesn’t care in the least about anyone who disagrees with him*, and doesn’t think rules apply to him. Nobody is upset because Rob Ford is not ‘one of the boys’.

      *That’s the impression he leaves – I don’t know him personally, so maybe he really does care about the pinkos and the cyclists

  2. Daily Morning (and Afternoon) Jog around the track. Can you say weight loss??

  3. The ignorance of the people that think he was removed over $3000. Just as stupid as Rob Ford himself. I guess that’s why they voted for him in the first place, stupidity.

  4. Ford seems to be the only one who means business. Others just do a lot of talking, a lot of meetings. Ford got things done.

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