Toronto police chief promises public hearings into G20 summit misconduct


In the wake of two damning reports on police conduct during the G20 summit in Toronto, the city’s police chief has released a written statement addressed to the people of Toronto, where his police force oversaw the largest mass arrest in Canadian history in June 2010.

The reports, conducted by Ontario’s Office of the Independent Police Review Director, singled out more than 40 officers to be charged with misconduct, including at least four senior commanders who issued orders on the ground during the G20.

In his statement, Toronto Police Service Bill Blair said that misconduct hearings will take place under the Police Services Act. He added that, “given the extraordinary public interest in these important matters,” he would delegate the authority to carry out the misconduct hearings to a retired judge. As the Toronto Star reported, Blair will be appointing a Crown lawyer to prosecute the hearings, and that they will be open to the public.



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Toronto police chief promises public hearings into G20 summit misconduct

  1. Bill Blair supports the useless gun registry in the name of “public
    safety” but then turns around and throws his officers under the bus to collaborate
    with this inquiry that will do nothing but punish innocent police officers for
    standing up to violent communist/anarchist thugs. Inquiries like this, where the defenders of
    the city can be charged criminally for doing their duty will do nothing but
    embolden the legions of left-wing thugs to use violence even more to intimidate
    the citizenry, knowing that they will have even more of a free hand then
    before. Just look at what’s happening in
    Quebec with the so-called “student” protests.
    Giving organized communist hordes a free hand to use violence whenever
    they please is the biggest threat to public security imaginable.

  2. The question is, are heads really going to roll at the top, or are we going to have the type of cover-up that ordinary lower-level citizens can only dream about?

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