Toronto Public Health objects to Jenny McCarthy’s spot on ‘The View’


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Toronto Public Health is adding its voice to a growing chorus of health agencies and advocates protesting the appointment of anti-vaccine crusader Jenny McCarthy as one of the hosts on the television show The View.

The View announced last week that McCarthy would replace right-wing host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the daytime talk show. McCarthy is an actress and former Playboy bunny, but is perhaps best-known for her views that a vaccine triggered her son’s autism. There is no scientific link between vaccines and autism. (She also claims that a gluten-free, casein-free diet cured her son. There is no proven cure for autism.)

Toronto Public Health expressed its displeasure over McCarthy’s appointment in a tweet Monday morning, which included a link to an information graphic showing how potentially deadly diseases — including measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis and polio — have been nearly eradicated due to vaccines.

Toronto Public Health isn’t the only one crying foul over McCarthy’s new gig. The New Yorker staff writer Michael Specter posted a blog on July 16 saying that executives at ABC “should be ashamed of themselves” for this decision. “By preaching her message of scientific illiteracy from one end of this country to the other, she [McCarthy] has helped make it possible for people to turn away from rational thought. And that is deadly,” Specter wrote.

And Salon.com political contributor Alex Pareene wrote: “It’s incredibly irresponsible for a broadcast television network to think Jenny McCarthy should be on television — in a position where her job is to share her opinions — every day. It should seriously be a major scandal.”

While there is no indication that ABC plans to give McCarthy the boot before she even begins her new job, public pressure against McCarthy has worked in the past. In February of this year, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation dropped McCarthy from a fundraising event after a public outcry over using the star, and her anti-vaccine beliefs, to raise money for a a health-care organization.

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Toronto Public Health objects to Jenny McCarthy’s spot on ‘The View’

  1. Spelling error in the headline. Unless the Heath is rising up against her.

    • Error fixed. Thanks.

  2. I agree. More scientific illiteracy is the last thing the US needs. And considering the usual spillover….we don’t need it here either.

  3. Children can now have up to 25 vaccines if they follow standard medical guidelines.
    MMR risks continue to be downplayed despite thousands of cases of children with
    autistic-like syndromes following vaccination.
    I am increasingly disturbed by the lack of any debate either about long-term vaccine
    safety or about the excessive influence of commercial interests.
    Contrary to what Government officials and pharmaceutical giants pretend, the health of
    future generations could be compromised if we are not allowed to question this official
    fixation with mass vaccination.
    I discovered that not only are inoculations being introduced with less and less research
    on their safety, but, just as worryingly, they are being promoted for diseases which do
    not represent a widespread danger to the public.
    What this all means is that we have to be more careful about vaccines. Colluding with the pharmaceutical giants
    The Government has become far too cavalier about their use,
    promoting them as a risk-free solution to all sorts of medical conditions, no matter how
    low the incidence. It has been madness, for example, to talk of vaccinating the entire
    population against swine flu, when the number of deaths from this illness is tiny
    compared to the annual toll for ordinary flu.Vaccines cannot be used to build some
    medically controlled utopia, in which all disease has been banished. Indeed, the attemptto do may end up undermining the health of future generations.

    • “I am increasingly disturbed by the lack of any debate either about long-term vaccine safety or about the excessive influence of commercial interests. ”

      Likewise, I am increasingly disturbed by the lack of any debate about fluoride in our drinking water. Has anyone decisively proven that it’s NOT mind control?

      • In Calgary they voted to take the flouride out of the drinking water. I am not sure how having flouride helps commercial interests. It it saving the city about $800K a year and costing parents a fortune in dental bills. This young generation has a mouth full of cavities. A 7 year old I know has 11 cavities.

    • I want to address of few of your claims. First, your claim about the link between “autism-like symptoms” and the MMR vaccine. It was reported on July 13, 2013 that scientists at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital have made a major break thru in mapping the genome for autism. There has never been a link made between autism and vaccine. That was the false scientific work of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. When his studies linking the vaccine to autism could not be replicated, they found that he had falsified his data and accepted funding from conflicting interests.

      Next is your suggestion that “mass inoculation could cause danger to the public when we are seeing lower incidences of these illnesses”. How vaccine works is that they take a piece of a virus or a dead virus and they put it in a solution. They inject that into the body. The body then responds by making antibodies (like a memory). The body has the unlimited capability to make antibodies to an unlimited number of viruses. When the viruses circulates in the air or water, etc., the body remembers it and launches an attack so the body doesn’t get very ill. It is like having soldiers ready to do battle. Given that every vaccine has the same solution, they are only adding different viral particles for each different illnesses, therefore the body can respond well to all vaccines AS LONG AS ONE ISN”T ALLERGIC TO THE BASE SOLUTION that the particles are in. Your suggestion that the mass vaccination isn’t required because we are seeing lower incidences of these illness is not supported by real life. We have had huge outbreaks of whooping cough (pertusis), which is deadly to infants and measles in developed nations due to parents refusing to vaccinate. We have young babies dying from these illnesses. The reason we are able to eradicate illness through vaccine is because we continue to vaccinate. Of course it is your choice to vaccinate but remember little children with cancer who are getting chemotherapy and radiation cannot be vaccinated so your cavalier attitude not to vaccinate can cause their death due to their compromised immune system. They can’t afford to get ill with even the chicken pox.

      Another thing to remember is that in developing countries, everyone wants a vaccine because all of this illnesses are very much in play. They see polio and measles and mumps and well as diptheria and pertusis regularly. This diseases kill because there are no cures for them.

    • Stop reading these websites and review what healthcareinsider said on here. What you read on the Internet has to be taken with a grain of salt and a critical eye.

      There is no known cure for autism, it is likely a congenital defect (likely at the genetic level). There is debate and dicussion about the safety of pharmaceuticals all the time, if you want to be part of that debate get studying and earn your MD.

      There is however not a lot of profit in vaccines. Just the same in medical “cures”, or procedures that offer one time “fixes”, because they are taken or done once and rarely if ever used again. Think about it. A single MMR shot can’t be more then a few cents to a dollar and is used once in your life time. If it were a drug needed every day to live such as Levothyroxine (T4) for those without a thyroid glad or something else like that you’d be making bank. No, vaccines aren’t making anyone rich.

      They are however effective public health tools that prevent these deadly diseases from harming mainly children and the elderly. We don’t have kids dying from pertussis, people suffering awful deaths through smallpox or suffer a life time of disability due to polio. It’s specious reasoning and absolutely going to get people killed if we go with your line of thinking, that these diseases are long and gone so “why protect against them”. Smallpox was completely eradicated in nature and the human population in the 20th century (which is why we don’t vaccinate for it anymore). It was eliminated through vaccination (go humanity), the only time in history we have done so. Others like polio have nearly been eradicated, only effecting isolated and war torn regions of our world. These diseases do exist out there and without the “herd immunity” to prevent them from spreading, people dying from easily preventable diseases for no reason at all will become the norm again in developed nations. Parts of the UK are seeing these again in large numbers due to this vaccine panic, which was irrational, pseudoscientific and predicated on a fraud.

      The risk is not in developing anything like autism, which again is most likely a congenital defect (meaning you are born with it). But in developing an alegeric reation when the vaccine is administered, which such a reaction itself has no connection to autism regardless of how old you are. There is absolutely no evidence vaccines, nor environmental factors at all today have a deciding factor in what we know about the cause of the condition.

      As healthcareinsider said these studies were done by the now discredited Andrew Wakefield. He falsified documents in his studies on autism and even went as far as putting children under his care in danger to further this fruad. Websites will likely reference him and his retracted and discredited work in attempts to try and sell you on chelation therapy, diets programs and other quarkery. None of it works.

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