Toronto seniors face polling station confusion -

Toronto seniors face polling station confusion

Reports say Elections Canada didn’t show up


At the Hawthorne Place Care Centre in Toronto, no one from Elections Canada arrived to open the polling station this morning, reports the Toronto Star. The paper says that many of the residents, some of them physically disabled, were upset about having to leave the building to vote, despite a sign that indicated it is a polling station. At another seniors centre at 18 Davenport Rd., many were surprised to learn Monday that the polling station had been moved down the road. Resident Clayton Anderson told the Star he believes that many fellow seniors won’t hike the extra few blocks to cast a ballot. Also in Toronto, at the Sunnybrook Veterans Hospital, there are reports of lines so long that many seniors gave up on voting.

Toronto Star

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Toronto seniors face polling station confusion

  1. This comment was deleted.

    • I agree with Loni. Only white male land owners, aged 21-55, should be allowed to vote.

  2. It’s interesting how Elections Canada is going out of its way to make sure that Liberal and NDP voters on university campuses are accomodated but that Conservative voters in senior homes are disenfranchised. This bias is quite troubling.

    • uhh, with the paltry (and soon non-existant) pensions that Harper and cronies have given Seniors ?, trust me bud,
      those Seniors' weren't there to vote Conservative.

      • Well "bud", I guess you were right. LMAO