Tory tricksters redux: Keeping up with the Sparrowses


Really, it’s a full time job. I’ve added new information – and a fairly substantial correction that does even more damage to the credibility of the Conservative Party spokestweeter – to the following posts:


Tory tricksters redux: Keeping up with the Sparrowses

  1. I’m not a Conservative but I can tell you that the guys’ gotta go. What a millstone around the neck of the party.

  2. Kady, firstly, love your enthusiasm, passion and energy for your job.
    But, why do Ottawa’s journalists give credence to the PMO ‘script’? Watching this Harper gov’t manage you folks, from many miles away, leaves me numb. You trust them. They play you.
    That is a ‘master strategist’? Or, you folk may be fumbling the ball.
    You’ve allowed Harper’s gov’t to paint all opposition as evil and they offer light. If we want that narrative, we can all read a novel.
    Sorry, but I am finding Ottawa to be gullible. Or lazy.

  3. Isn’t aren’t you supposed to keep your ‘eye’ on the sparrows?

    (which, of course, is precisely what Ms. O’Malley did)


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