Town in B.C. bans ice cream truck music -

Town in B.C. bans ice cream truck music


A councillor in West Kelowna, B.C., says he doesn’t want the town to be known as “no-fun” territory, yet Bryden Winsby was unable to persuade fellow councillors to vote against a motion that has now prohibited ice cream trucks from playing music.

According to the National Post, some preoccupied councillors believe it their duty to make sure children are not “lured into running in front of traffic” by such hypnotic tunes. That, and some residents have complained to City Council about the “noisy” trucks.

The no-fun regulation approved this week is not exclusive to ice cream trucks: “The new policy bans all mobile vending trucks from using such music.”


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Town in B.C. bans ice cream truck music

  1. I live in West Kelowna and those ice cream trucks playing that music is totally annoying. it’s true, kids want to run out into the traffic to get that ice cream. I applaud the city for this bylaw.

    • Maybe people in BC should teach their children not to run into traffic… and all these kids have money to buy ice cream everyday that their first instinct is to zombie themselves towards that direction?

      maybe people in BC should let Children enjoy things they enjoyed as a child – sound of an ice cream truck…

    • Good grief, don’t you know better and leash your kids?

    • Please tell me you’re not a grumpy senior citizen from Alberta.

  2. The music from ice cream trucks is nostalgic for most of us. The types who might wish to kill birds because of the noise coming from them, however, are insane. They need help and city council should’ve suggested this, were it not for the fact that in complying, they themselves seem unstable.

    You can’t continually change the rights of a country when 90% of the people who elected you oppose what you are doing. Eventually there will be revolutions against all of those in city and government for the stupid laws they are making.

    More people need to flood the lines of city council, asking for more serious things to be taken care of. When they have nothing to do, they feel guilty for collecting such high pay, so they get into silly things like this to make it appear as though they are doing something worthwhile for the people.

    • ice cream truck music sucks – it grinds grooves in the brain and pollutes the pleasant chaos of the random background noise of any given place – it was never any good and any repetition of that sort could be proven harmful if one wished to take the time – people that do not see any problem with such droning are somewhat brain dead – too bad for those of us who actually still listen to their environment . . . no tune however good can be repeated in that way without becoming toxic – it is actually an imposition on those who do not wish to here it. Perhaps a variety of music or even a simple bell as when I was a kid (1950’s and 60’s) would be as effective and not make those like me wish they owned a bazooka.

  3. Next up – a motion to make the Penicorn the official mascot of the West Kelowna council – sure to pass!

  4. Sadly people have to know that West Bank and Kelowna are likely being taken over by retirement folk who don’t want to be “annoyed” by anything as irrititating as the sound of children laughing or an ice cream truck playing its summer tune.
    I thought this ridiculous behavior of controlling what other people do was limited to “all-adult” condos and seniors’ complexes. I had no idea that a whole community would knuckle under to this kind of bullying. Get out while you still can!!!!

  5. Too bad the article doesn’t quote the regulation’s text.
    Let me guess at it: “It is an offense to tinkle in the streets in public view or notice.”

  6. NO kidding, are they freaking NUTS, we all grew up with the sound of music from ice cream trucks right across this country. Funny thing that we are still alive to talk about it. You are telling me that the rest of you never grew up listening to these sounds? The Baby boomers especially grew up in the 50s and 60s that were ALL about fun music. Leave the POOR ice cream man/woman alone to have their summer fun.