Toyota halts exports to Iran indefinitely -

Toyota halts exports to Iran indefinitely

Automaker aims to put pressure on Tehran’s nuclear ambitions


Toyota Motors announced Wednesday it’s halting shipments to Iran indefinitely following international moves to put financial and commercial pressure on Tehran to curb its nuclear ambitions. The world’s largest automaker made the decision in light of U.S. and United Nations sanctions slapped on Tehran in June. The move is largely symbolic, as Toyota exported just 222 vehicles to Iran in May of this year, and a similar number for all of 2008. Iran has consistently denied its atomic energy program is aimed at producing nuclear weapons.


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Toyota halts exports to Iran indefinitely

  1. Toyota has the guts to make the announcement, they should be congratulated. And they make great cars too. The recent hype against the company here in North America was a confluence of politicians, media – and lots of lawyers – looking for cash and self aggrandizement at Toyota's considerable expense.

  2. I agree with you. I never have to constantly repair my Toyota cars, compared to the American cars I owned in the past. I believe American politicians went after Toyota to even the field for their beleaguered American cars. As for halting exports to Iran, the company may suffer for this decision in the future. Ordinary Iranian citizen will remember this for quite a long time. And in that part of the World, memory is quite very, very, very long.