Toyota recall grows -

Toyota recall grows

Japanese automaker flags defects in nine million vehicles


For a measure of just how big the Toyota recall is, consider this: the number of cars that have so far been flagged as defective is now approaching the total number of vehicles sold by all automakers in the U.S. last year. Today, the Japanese automaker expanded its recall to include eight European models, bringing the worldwide total to nine million. At issue in the European models, according to a company statement, is accelerator pedals that may stick. Concerns around the accelerator are also behind recalls in the U.S., where 2.3 million cars have been identified as having gas pedals that could wear down, and five million that had gas pedals that could become stuck in the floor mat. In Washington, two House committees are now holding hearings into whether the defects, which have been linked to 19 deaths in the U.S. in the past decade, put the public at risk.

New York Times

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Toyota recall grows

  1. Toyota Recall? Wasn't that the name of a Japanese dubbed movie starring Arnold Schwarzeneggar?

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  3. At least Toyota cares about their customers! I spent $40K on a Saturn in Mar/08. Was abandoned as a customer in 2009. Had to chase GM for maintenance service. GM talked me into a service special $70. Then said I needed an alignment on my vehicle which has 6000k, has never been driven hard, or hit a pothole that would cause concern. Next they charged me over $100 to install adjuster nuts so they would be able to perform an alignment (bill now $350). Asked why these were not included on the original vehicle. Got a vague response from GM stating that the vehicle was at spec when it left the factory. Asked to see the factory report but gee, those are proprietary. Then GM said a lot can cause the need for an alignment. Then why isn't the vehicle built properly to allow maintenance? I think it is to cut costs and make more money from unsuspecting consumers. I can no longer trust GM to be fair. BEWARE WHEN PURCHASING A GM, ASK WHAT PARTS MAY COME UP IN FUTURE THAT ARE LEFT OFF THE ORIGINAL VEHICLE. GET IT IN WRITING.

    • Please tell me you weren't talking to the service department. They do not design them, they do not break them, they just fix them. You should really call Customer Care (or whatever GM calls it). Also, if you think that a recall means that Toyota cares about their customers then maybe you need to investigate a little more. Out of the top ten largest automotive manufacturing recalls, GM has the most. So, in conclusion either GM really cares about their customers or they make horrible vehicles. I personally believe it's the latter of the two.
      I was once a dealership employee (not at GM, thankfully) and the biggest thing that drove me nuts were people constantly complaining about issues like this to the service department. It's not really their problem. Like I said before, they are just there to fix it the vehicle. Sounds like your issue is with engineering, I'd be calling customer care if I were you. On a more humourous note… GM stands for General Mistake :)

  4. I cant believe it, Toyota, the one everyone said was the best. Bleedin hypocrites the lot of them.

  5. Toyota the best of the best.

  6. 1…When a vehicle accelerates out of control, DO NOT PANIC
    2…TURN THE IGNTION SWITCH to the OFF Position.
    3.. Remeber..the vehicle will become extremely difficult to steer.
    4.. Use your emergency brake to stop the vehicle.
    5..Change your underwear.
    Its great to tell the folks whats going on with toyota but its a whole lot better to tell them how to increase their chances of survival,something your geniuses forgot might be important to its readers and something the poor sherrif forgot when he panicked.

  7. “TOYOTA” The manufacturing sacrificial sacrifice. Complaints of deaths due to sudden acceleration in Toyota cars, like the Audi that went 0-60MPH at a turn of a key that involved death and injury, I don't recall any apologies from Audi. Recalls aren't new take a look:… Ford 1419 recalls, Chrysler 309 recalls, Cadillac's alone 190 recalls Toyota 139 recalls; and them with out sin cast the first stone. Domestic(?) auto makers now push to produce everywhere but north America, Toyota and Honda with plants in US and Canada are turning more domestic then Ford, Chrysler or GM who just opened a new line in Asia. "Domestic" means production that takes place within the country's borders (Wikipedia).