Toyota vindicated by U.S. investigation

Driver error was behind 39 of 40 instances of “sudden acceleration”


A recent report conducted by NASA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the U.S. has vindicated Toyota with respect to last year’s recalls due to “sudden acceleration.” Of the 58 cases reported, 18 were dismissed out of hand. Of the remaining 40, 39 of them were found to have no cause; the remainder being an instance of “pedal entrapment.” One investigator says most of the cases involved “pedal misapplication”—that is, “the driver stepped on the gas rather than the brake or in addition to the brake.” Plaintiffs suing Toyota over the recall say they will nonetheless push ahead with their lawsuit.

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Toyota vindicated by U.S. investigation

  1. Another case of stupidity looking for a reward. Their are legitimate safety concerns that these labs could be refereed to but a few people are more interest in their payday than admitting "driver input error".

  2. Toyota got suckered by the greedy incompetents that bought their cars, the lawyers that work for those people, the media and US government. As a business, all they can really do is suck it up – but Toyota should countersue all those groups for the costs to their company. That would be just.

    Toyota makes great vehicles and has done so for years, they should be emulated, not attacked.

  3. "Plaintiffs suing Toyota over the recall say they will nonetheless push ahead with their lawsuit."

    By stepping on the brake? No way they could have written that line without laughing…

  4. The headline 39 out of 40 is wrong. Report said "most of the cases involved". It could have been 21 out of 40. One investigator says most of the cases involved “pedal misapplication”. 18 were pedal entrapment – so that there are plenty of unexplained high speed incidents in the remaining cases that were reviewed (out of thousands – 600 complaints in the last six months of 2010).
    NASA won't put stamp on Toyota acceleration report –
    But in its report, NASA said it is "not realistic" to try to prove Toyota's ETC does not cause unintended acceleration. The report notes that a lack of evidence linking ETC to runaway cars "does not vindicate" Toyota's system.

    NASA was strapped as well by lack of trouble codes as was Prof. Gilbert who did show with his shorting test (although not possible cause) that if there was a computer glitch there would not be a diagnostic code to say there was. http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/dr-gilbert-expla… ectronics/
    Key quote: ”What I have done is, I have shown that in the fault detection strategy of the Toyota systems, there is a window of opportunity where [an error] could occur and not be detected.”

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