Tracking economic stimulus plan signs -

Tracking economic stimulus plan signs

An exercise in communication—or futility?


Stephen Harper’s government has mobilized eighteen departments and agencies to count, one by one, each and every Economic Action Plan sign posted around the country. You’ve seen them—they’re green and white with blue writing, and they designate certain sites as examples of the Tories’ work in stimulating Canada’s weary economy. The counting team—comprised of Canada’s food inspection agency, fisheries and oceans officials, health, public safety and environment workers and Parks Canada employees—has tracked more than 8,500 signs posted since last summer, and generated thousands of pages of documentation. What is it all for? A Privy Council spokeswoman explained that the government is “simply communicating with Canadians,” according to the Canadian Press. Opposition critics says that the Tories have used the 2009 budgetary stimulus package as an ongoing partisan platform to promote Harper’s government. Gerard Kennedy, the Liberal critic on infrastructure spending, also noted that the internal tracking effort seems futile, given that the government is not tracking how many jobs have been created by stimulus spending.

Winnipeg Free Press

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Tracking economic stimulus plan signs

  1. Here's a novel notion – although I'm aware that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency might be good at "inspecting stuff" and might have seen like a good first choice for the PMO to send on their propaganda inspection task. But perhaps, on second glance, doesn't it seem unwise to pull them off their real jobs of KEEPING OUR FOOD SUPPLY SAFE!??!?! Didn't we learn anything from the listeria epidemic?!?

  2. It speaks volumes, that this government tracks signs, not jobs.
    When are Canadians going to get an update on the Stimulus Funding and all the jobs that it created?
    These signs, are a flagrant promotion of the CPC party and should be charged to the CPC Party.