Tragic ending for missing autistic boy -

Tragic ending for missing autistic boy

Found alive in the woods after two days, seven-year-old dies of hypothermia


A young autistic boy who wandered away from his Nova Scotia home—and was found alive yesterday afternoon—has died in hospital. James Delorey, 7, disappeared on Saturday afternoon with his dog, Chance. Wearing light clothing and no jacket, he spent the next two days and two nights lost in a snowy forest more than a kilometre away from his house. Chance returned to the home yesterday morning, but by the time search-and-rescue crews retraced the dog’s tracks and discovered the boy, he was barely conscious and suffering from severe hypothermia. Delorey was airlifted to Halifax in critical condition, and this morning, hospital officials announced that he did not survive. His family has asked for privacy.

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Tragic ending for missing autistic boy

  1. as a mother of a 5 year old autistic boy who doesn't speak my heart goes out to James' family. My thoughts and prayers are with them and I hope that they receive all the love and support that they will need during this horrible time in thier life.

  2. RIP little guy, I am sure your family and friends are going to miss you.

  3. deepest sympathies to the Delorey family. heartbreaking.

  4. RIP little boy. I certainly hope that his tragedy will be thoroughly investigated. And while I understand at the time like this my comments may seem cold and shrewd, but I’d very much like to know and confirm where were the parents of the boy the day he disappeared.

    • OK, I really am at a loss as to why, when a small child dies as a result of a tragic accident, there is always one person climbing up on their soapbox getting all ready to blame the parents.

      Your comments do seem "cold". Not "shrewd" though. Shrewd implies clever thoughtfulness as opposed to mindlessly deciding to point fingers at a family grieving an almost unimaginable series of unfortunate events.

      You are pulling suspicions of foul play out of the air for no good reason. There has been no indication by any of the law enforcement or search and rescue agencies involved that there was any kind of negligence or foul play; simply and sadly, a small boy followed his dog into the woods and the outcome was his death.

      If you know before you post a comment that you will come across as hurtful; if you have no factual basis for the comment / accusation you are making; and if what you plan to say will not bring that little boy back – keep it to yourself.

  5. As the father of a special needs child, my heart goes out to the family. May you find the comfort and support you need in the coming days to see your through this difficult time.