Transgenders can change birth certificate without surgery, in Ontario -

Transgenders can change birth certificate without surgery, in Ontario


TORONTO – People who live as the opposite sex in Ontario can now change their gender on their birth certificates without first undergoing sex-change surgery.

New rules that have recently come into effect allow transgender people born in the province to apply to have the document amended by submitting a letter from a practising physician or a psychologist.

Ontario is the first province in Canada to scrap the requirement, a move that has been hailed as an important victory for the transgenders.

It stems from a ruling by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario this spring in the case of a born-male woman known as XY.

The tribunal found the legislation requiring proof of “transsexual surgery” to alter birth documents to be discriminatory.

In its ruling, the tribunal said the requirement added to the stigma felt by members of the transgender community and reinforced stereotypes surrounding how they experience gender.

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Transgenders can change birth certificate without surgery, in Ontario

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  5. Yup. The same Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario who just tossed a case against the gallery that is hanging a “nude” of the PM because it was outside their jurisdiction. Apparently if you are right wing and non-ethnic minority no one cares if you are offended or otherwise disenfranchised. Not in a million years would I vote for Tim Hudak but I do pray for the second coming of the Common Sense Revolution.

  6. I think I was born a cauliflower and am sexually attracted to lettuce. Is this covered by the tribunal?

    • Robinoz, you need to create a group that advocates for your cause and target liberal sympathies to right some perceived wrong. Maybe your group could be Cauliflower Rights Action Pact. Maybe drum up some stories about being bullied since this is the current liberal mania and is sure to get you sympathy.

  7. So the Province of Ontario is going to issue fraudulent documents? So buddy gets stopped at the border, international or domestic, and possibly arrested for presenting a fraud document. Refused entry and returned to Canada. The government is responsible, so why isn’t the media asking the Government how it intends to manage this issue?