Transport Canada manual used by CIA -

Transport Canada manual used by CIA

Helped in the development of cold water interrogation techniques


A Transport Canada manual, “Survival in Cold Waters: Staying Alive,” was used by the CIA to create cold water interrogation techniques, according to documents recently released by the U.S. government. Water dousing the fifth most severe method of interrogation, according to a CIA manual, and involves immersing detainees in cold water at 5 to 15 C for up to an hour—about two-thirds of the time it takes to develop hypothermia in healthy adults. Christine Collins, president of the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees, called the CIA’s use of the manual “appalling.”

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Transport Canada manual used by CIA

  1. I seriously doubt the CIA in the United States would really follow a Canadian manual for anything. Stephen Harper could be a CIA plant, and we Canadians wouldn't know it. I just don't think any branch of the US Intelligence Community would take heed to any Canadian handbooks. They've always seemd to do things their own way. Which of course in some instances has led to disasters. But then again, there is no perfect country.

  2. Read "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"…? I did 30 years ago. They document all the experiments used by the Germans. Cold water was one of them. Is this not how we now know how quick skin freezes in cold weather….as the Weather Channel tells us ? Many techniques doctors use now were "discovered" during the second world war as a result of these experiments .

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