Trapped Chilean miners get media training in advance of rescue -

Trapped Chilean miners get media training in advance of rescue

Lucrative TV, publishing deals await them on the surface


There are an estimated 2,000 journalists waiting for the 33 trapped Chilean miners to surface on Tuesday. To prepare for their emergence from the depths of the earth, they have asked for media training. A former journalist was provided to teach them how to deal with interviews and deflect questions. “To prepare, I asked everything imaginable,” their instructor, Alejandro Pino, told the local La Tercera. “And sometimes, they learned to reject the question politely.” Apparently, the miners have taken a vow of silence, so we may never know exactly what went on during their period of isolation. But what’s for sure is that the TV, publishing and endorsement deals will roll in for whatever story they chose to tell. A TV deal alone could net each of “Los 33” as much as $400,000.

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Trapped Chilean miners get media training in advance of rescue

  1. Boy, how the world has changed, you can't even say what you mean anymore without proper coaching. Natural reactions are becoming obsolete and unacceptable.

    • really,where are all the humens going ? even at work if you act like a person.(like yourself) it seems others are just waiting to walk all over you.Then on- the- other- hand if you are a person that can handle youself. you're a trouble maker. As for myself I will not put on an act to get along with others as well will not set and let another lie to me and go along with the lie to get along.I am who I am not who othes make me. if I were one of the man I would say what happen and if the reporter started asking questons I felt were out of place I would simply turn from that reporter and find a real reporter that wanted the real story get paid and be the person I have worked hard to be. Not a spin from another nor have anothes footprint on my back.