Trashing economic indicators


This is really interesting:

The garbage data in the U.S., for instance, tracks stock performance twice as well as the government’s consumption data. (The U.S. data has a correlation of 60%, while the government consumption data tracks at 30%.)


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Trashing economic indicators

  1. GIGO

    • LOL

  2. "“By nature, you see garbage after the consumption, so it's not really a predictor of anything,” he says."

    Well, that's a relief – Flaherty won't be trying to tell us that our economic prospects are improving because there's piles of garbage all over the place in TO.

    • Oh ye of little faith.

  3. "When you are making lots of garbage, you are rich. When you stop making garbage, you are poor."

    With regards to the US economy, the whole country has turned into a giant pile of garbage, so that makes them really rich does it? I think not !

    Wake up, you will never be able to climb out of this bottomless hole that you have dug for yourselves.