Trig, Track, Bristol… Block?


The inevitable Palin Name Generator. I’m Block Lionel Palin.

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Trig, Track, Bristol… Block?

  1. Mine was Crust Scramble Palin

  2. Chop Meth Palin.

  3. Beans Harpoon Palin, here. And I’m a girl!

  4. Stoppage Lead Palin. Hmmm….I like it, I may have to change my name…

  5. Pump Bust Palin

    And yes, I could be president (or VP) one day. But I think I am overqualified and not quite a cultish figure.

  6. Pump Bust — you’ll do well as a porn star. Of either gender, really.

  7. Puck Mule Palin

  8. Thanks, Beans. Beans and a Harpoon will have you well equiped for a similar line of work. For a girl, no less…

  9. Flex Gunship Palin

    oh yeah…

  10. And in case anyone’s wondering…

    Stephen Harper = Tangle Jig Palin
    Stephane Dion = Mole Valdez Palin
    Jack Layton = Duct Idaho Palin
    Elizabeth May = Loin Falcon Palin
    Gilles Duceppe = Rope Hoover Palin


  11. Beans and a harpoon — kind of reminds me of Ann-Margret’s sexed-out bean scene in Tommy.

    What would Freud say?

  12. “What would Freud say?”

    He’d still be laughing over Duceppe as “Rope Hoover”, I’d imagine…

  13. Stephane Dion = Mole Valdez Palin

    Eerie. Valdez is in Alaska.

  14. I think Palin would name harper Screw Uwall.

  15. Plop Hero Palin. Or if I go with my first name which not even my parents ever used, I could be Knife Pile Palin – if I ever go into gansta’ rap I’ll definitely be using that one.

    But not having been “born in the USA,” I’m afraid I’ll never be President – unless they’ve changed the rules on that one, anybody know?

  16. Buster Taint Palin – that’s pretty kick-ass.

  17. I am now officially suffering from
    Palin Baby Name envy.

  18. Thump Hummer Palin. Funny thing – up until now, I was pretty glad that Sarah Palin wasn’t my mom.

  19. Trough Gutted Palin

  20. McCain Fortress Palin.

  21. Ammo Canal Palin

    Anyone want to trade?

  22. Mustache Warthog Palin

  23. Knife Pile Palin

  24. Rifle Panzer Palin

    Damn, I kick ass!

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