Trig, Track, Bristol... Block? -

Trig, Track, Bristol… Block?


The inevitable Palin Name Generator. I’m Block Lionel Palin.

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Trig, Track, Bristol… Block?

  1. Mine was Crust Scramble Palin

  2. Chop Meth Palin.

  3. Beans Harpoon Palin, here. And I’m a girl!

  4. Stoppage Lead Palin. Hmmm….I like it, I may have to change my name…

  5. Pump Bust Palin

    And yes, I could be president (or VP) one day. But I think I am overqualified and not quite a cultish figure.

  6. Pump Bust — you’ll do well as a porn star. Of either gender, really.

  7. Puck Mule Palin

  8. Thanks, Beans. Beans and a Harpoon will have you well equiped for a similar line of work. For a girl, no less…

  9. Flex Gunship Palin

    oh yeah…

  10. And in case anyone’s wondering…

    Stephen Harper = Tangle Jig Palin
    Stephane Dion = Mole Valdez Palin
    Jack Layton = Duct Idaho Palin
    Elizabeth May = Loin Falcon Palin
    Gilles Duceppe = Rope Hoover Palin


  11. Beans and a harpoon — kind of reminds me of Ann-Margret’s sexed-out bean scene in Tommy.

    What would Freud say?

  12. “What would Freud say?”

    He’d still be laughing over Duceppe as “Rope Hoover”, I’d imagine…

  13. Stephane Dion = Mole Valdez Palin

    Eerie. Valdez is in Alaska.

  14. I think Palin would name harper Screw Uwall.

  15. Plop Hero Palin. Or if I go with my first name which not even my parents ever used, I could be Knife Pile Palin – if I ever go into gansta’ rap I’ll definitely be using that one.

    But not having been “born in the USA,” I’m afraid I’ll never be President – unless they’ve changed the rules on that one, anybody know?

  16. Buster Taint Palin – that’s pretty kick-ass.

  17. I am now officially suffering from
    Palin Baby Name envy.

  18. Thump Hummer Palin. Funny thing – up until now, I was pretty glad that Sarah Palin wasn’t my mom.

  19. Trough Gutted Palin

  20. Mounty Bat. M-Bat for short.

  21. McCain Fortress Palin.

  22. Ammo Canal Palin

    Anyone want to trade?

  23. Mustache Warthog Palin

  24. Knife Pile Palin

  25. Rifle Panzer Palin

    Damn, I kick ass!