Trudeau apologizes to Kent

Question Period outburst draws Conservative ire


Justin Trudeau, the Liberal MP most famous for being his father’s son, made headlines Wednesday when he channeled the ire of the green world and called Conservative Environment Minister Peter Kent a “piece of s–t.” The outburst came during Question Period. After Kent chided the NDP’s Megan Leslie for not attending a climate summit in Durban, Trudeau shot back “Oh, you piece of shit.” (Kent’s Conservatives explicitly prevented opposition MPs from joining the Canadian delegation.) Trudeau unreservedly apologized for the profanity after QP was done.


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Trudeau apologizes to Kent

  1. I suppose under the circumstances, Justin’s remark was understandable: It was the Al Gore speaking.

    They should be thankful they were prevented from going to Durban, however. All that horrid jet fuel not on their tender limousine-liberal consciences. Tuvalu will be saved by a few extra nanometers of coastline from the Apocalypse.

  2. Just  another example  of “free speech” given the party politics of Canada.Contempt, reprehensible conduct;Only in Canada, you say, Pity!

    • Justin’s remark is mild compared to what happens in other places like S. Korea or Taiwan.

      • hardly salient. this isn’t another place.

        • sorry but leek1330 said “only in Canada.” It isn’t so my remark stands!

  3. Justin  Trudeau, Please get a shave and a haircut. You are not a little boy anymore, You are nearly 40 years old , a Member of Parliament, a husband and a father.  Clean it up otherwise you will not be taken  seriously. We watch you grow up, and as a meamber of Parliament we expect you to look appropriate and behave properly.

    • Really? that’s all you care about his hair and facial hair?

    • look appropriate? in who’s eyes? ten hut! salute! goose-step! People who think like that are dinosaurs. How he looks has absolutely NOTHING to do with how he does his job. Do you even know where your version of acceptability came from? IT came out of necessity during recruitment for WW1, and the reason was head lice. I bet you are even more proud of your standards of acceptability now.
      Look throughout history, prior to the start of the 20th century NO ONE EVER had hair in the manner of your ‘acceptable’ standards.
      I will refrain from applying a label to you and your opinion, I am certain everyone who reads this will be aware of the appropriate classification for your opinion.

  4. nisyxxx, attacking the mans appearance? Really?As for his actions…I think him calling Kent a POS is more appropriate than Kent not allowing people come to a conference and then telling them afterwards they should have come if they had a problem with the decisions HE made.Words are words. Politicians shouldn’t be scared of words. “POS” is hardly something to get upset over – especially when one deserves it.

    • lovely. another voice from the wasteland of the left decrying someone who objects to a member of parliament looking like cheap imitation of frank zappa and sounding like a cheap imitation of a rap “artist”. very classy, there rush79.

      • I agree. Peter Kent is the embodiment of class. After Trudeau had apologized, Peter Kent stood up — with all the honour, the class and graciousness he could muster —and demanded another apology.

        Yes, oh observant Observer, Peter Kent is a class act, all the way.

      • Observer is a classic example of my grandfather’s axiom that there are more horses’ asses than there are horses.

  5. Peter keny has more class in one pinkie than Justin Trudeau will ever have, Trudeau is his father’s son: rude, arrogant, self-absorbed and completely ego driven. Chances of his ever growing up are lost. Let him keep the Frank Zappa look and the potty mouth. It makes him more amusing.

    • So you actually know both men personally in order to be able to make those value judgements do you?
      Or are you, as i suspect, merely projecting?

    • Like the whole lot of Tories, Peter Kent is just another asshole under Harper government.  The Liberals may have been arrogant, but Harper’s cabinet and MPs are arrogant, mean, and fail to realize that making shit up as you go on eventually will leave you in a mess of it.  They are constantly saying something one week and denying it all the next.  This is not governing which the Liberals did very very very well.  Harper is all about the power.  His Cabinet respond in Question Period, in scrums and rarely in interviews, like robots from talking points unable to express an emotion, opinion or deference to the issue they are responsible to.  It is not a way to run a country and so anti-Canadian. 

  6. Sorry, Peter. That’s Kent, not keny. Poor proofreading = messy post.

    • Kent just called me… he said your apology wasn’t good enough. He wants another.

  7. What happened? Trudeaus kid did a somersault and then lit one of his farts on fire… or something… Sounds like the Libranos have found their new messiah.

  8. How is it that something so trivial in the scope of things has become a war of words between left and right?  I quite like Justin but I disagree with his actions.  As a professional, he shouldn’t be swearing in the middle of the commons no more than I would at my job.

    That being said, it was an honest mistake and one he instantly apologized for.  It happens.  We all lose our temper at some point or another and at least he admitted he was wrong for it.  That deserves recognition.

    This is not a point to start calling each other names.  I like to believe that politics here haven’t turned into the hateful sight it has in the US.  I feel no different about this incident than had it been any other member of the commons.  It’s not a representation of any party or even person, it was just a bad choice of words in the heat of the moment. 

  9. Surely there must be an error, a misquote, I am quite confident what Mr Trudeau said was “A piece of fuddle duddle”

  10. Trudeau shouldn’t have cursed, but the real vulgarity is Kents taunt of a MP who was purposely kept from joining the delegation to Durban where Canada kept a closed door to visitors and a closed mind to any progress in an issue that will turn on us in due course.  By then Harper, Kent and company will be long gone and the damage they left due to their negligence now will be evident then.

  11. So once again a matter in some need of debate gets sidetracked by unnecessary bluster from both sides of the house.
    Have the Speaker address the matter directly to the offending MP, have a formal apology to the House and move on.
    Adding more of these people to fray is good thing?

  12. An apology just dripping with insencerity

  13. All this todo about nothing. Trudeau must apologize for calling Kent a POS but MacKay can lie and use goverment helicopters for his own use and we even have the prime minister trying to cover his butt. Priceless!!!!!!!!!!

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