Trudeau chills with his old crew


Members of Katimavik, Canada’s leading youth service program, were on the Hill for a reception which they do several times a year. Joining them was Montreal Liberal MP Justin Trudeau who used to be Chair of the Board of Directors of Katimavik. Trudeau poses below with a youth and loaf of bread.


The kids were also joined by Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.


Trudeau with Liberal Senator Joyce Fairbairn and Katimavik’s executive director Jean-Guy Bigeau.


Trudeau with a Katimavik member.


Ottawa Liberal MP David McGuinty.


Independent Nova Scotia MP Bill Casey.


Quebec Liberal Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette.


Katimavik folks at the reception.



Trudeau chills with his old crew

  1. These poor kids. Live at home, work fulltime for a year, and save up for a downpayment on a home, that’s the most patriotic thing you can do for your country, not joining silly Bobby Gimby era volunteer programs where you are dependent on the state and you learn evil public sector values instead of heroic private sector values. Or do what the late Michel Trudeau and thousands of others did, plant trees and join the EI ski team, or work as a lifty in Banff or Jasper.

    It’s just a very useless program and exactly what we don’t need young people doing at this time. Justin is not stupid, he knows these kids would be better served living in the real world.

    • You’re just jealous. Someone must be willing to let you hold their loaf.

    • It’s a nine month long program for 17-21 year-olds. You’re right… there’s SO MUCH they could accomplish in those nine months that would be far more beneficial for the country. I’m sure they could drum up 20,000 to put down on a house easily. Forget learning their other official language and volunteering 40 hours per week. It’d be much better for the country if they flipped burgers.

      Your public sector hatred always makes me laugh. I’d love to know who these evil public servants are. Tell me, I’m a member of the CF. Does that mean that I’m evil as well, because I work for DND? It would hurt me deeply if a good conservative such as yourself thought that Canada’s military is evil.

    • Where does your constant hate come from? Is it because you never got the chance to do something cool growing up and were completely left out of the good life experiences? Your disdain for Canadian youth is palpable. You probably have a sign on your lawn telling people (especially pesky kids) to stay off of it, and plastic covering on your furniture.

      • A civil servant ate his mother, and it scarred him evermore.

      • He’s a conservative…his whole world view is centred around anger and hate.

        • Then he (and the Con party) will get to fill up on their anger and hate when the next election comes around, because they will definitely be angry at losing power for at least another generation and they will hate that they will ultimately be to blame.

    • I disagree. My cousin from Calgary did it in 2006 and did some wonderful things. They helped build low-cost houses somehwere in northern Quebec, along with many other worthwhile projects, learned a smattering of French (combined with high school courses, she can now get by in the language) and met fascinating people.

      Not to mention, it looks good on a resume or application.

  2. Thank you, MacLean’s, thank you. I want to see lots more of Justin Trudeau. NOT!

  3. Is the bread symbolic of something or did JT ask the kid to pick up some bread for him on the way over?

    • They’re waiting for the fishes to show up so the show can really start.

      • lol

      • C’mon now JT’s in training, he hasn’t learned to walk on water yet…like his dad.:)

    • The bread is the kid’s weekly wage as a newsie.

      • Actually, Katima-bread is one of the many things we learn to make while on the program. When I started Katimavik I only knew how to make scrambled eggs and mac & cheese. When it ended I could put together several meals that could feed 12 people. Fresh home-made bread is one of the most delicious and useful recipes I learned and it's definitely not something to roll your self-righteous eyes at. Food is more than just something to stuff your belly with.

        For all the comments above, all I can do is shake my head. The Katimavik program was the greatest adventure I had in my young life and I suggest anyone reading actually try to talk to current participants or alumni before passing judgement on this awesome program.

        Here's my testimony, for instance: http://efcarletti.wordpress.com/2009/07/04/yeah-i

        Investing in our youth is a great use of tax dollars. If you don't think so, visit a Katimahouse and you'll leave ashamed you ever questioned what young people can do when their nation cares enough to invest in them.

    • Making bread from scratch is part of the Katimavik program. You are not allowed to buy store-made bread with the grocery budget unless you have already made 8 loaves of bread in one week, so every participant has to learn how to make bread from scratch.

  4. Ah, the Trudeau Youth. It started so innocently, as a voluntary association in which young people could travel around the country, get involved in the community, have fun and meet other like minded youths. It was more like a party than anything else. Back in those days nobody really thought of it as a boot camp for the next generation of Party activists. When unemployment started to climb they didn’t see the trend developing toward turning voluntary participation first into “volunteering is a prerequisite for tuition assistance” and finally “get with the government youth movement – or else”. By the time they figured out what was going on it was too late to get their kids out of the country and the only way of escaping the flag-waving leftist army was to join the real army.

    That’s how popular-based authoritarian regimes start out. Get ’em while they’re young, and make the mass movement seem like a relaxing social event. Get them singing and waving flags, which switches their brains over from intellectual to emotional, and it looks really impressive in the media. Add a crisis or two, declare that the movement is now more “urgent” than ever, and, voila.

  5. In the fourth photo down, young Justin looks just like Papa. Just saying.

    Anyhoo, we hired a young man who had been involved in Katimavik several years ago, a young Asian-Canadian from Alberta, and he spoke very highly of the program and of the opportunities it afforded him.

    He was a bright fellow, serious and hard-working. If the program had anything to do with his curiosity and work ethic, then it’s a good thing.

    • Less than one third of the Canadian population “hired” the Cons, and they killed our reputation globally.
      The Canadian people will hopefully never do it again.

      • I admit, this kind of lunacy takes some work. I doff my cap to you!

      • George Bush feels he’ll be vindicated too!

      • So says a Con, now let’s see what reality says. History will also have a couple words to add in due time.

      • Also, Harper a self-made man?! He never held an actual real-world job in his life. Disciplined cabinet? Since when do potted plants need discipline, they are just there and sometimes when the windbag blows, it looks as if they are all nodding in agreement.

      • Yup. All that and not a hair out of place.

      • Holy smokes, are you for real ??? I’m sure there’s a reverend out there with some fun kool-aid for his gang that could really use someone like you. Sheesh.

  6. Yes, the Internet: where pictures of Justin Trudeau turn into vicious partisan attacks within fifteen minutes or your money back.

    I may as well get in on it: you see that picture of Trudeau with Ignatieff? Is it just me, or does his right arm look suspiciously like it’s sliding a knife into Ignatieff’s back?

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