Trudeau says leadership race no place to discuss full economic policy -

Trudeau says leadership race no place to discuss full economic policy


TORONTO – Liberal leadership hopeful Justin Trudeau says now is not the time to lay out detailed policy.

Trudeau says he’ll do that closer to the 2015 federal election.

Pressed today on when he would talk about specific ideas for the economy, Trudeau said he’s been clear that the focus needs to be on helping the middle class.

But he says a leadership campaign is not a time to put forward a platform that the party would try to sell for the next two years.

He says it’s about gathering ideas to help develop that platform in time for the next federal vote.

Trudeau talked to some budding digital entrepreneurs at Ryerson University while campaigning in Toronto today. He is also delivering a keynote speech to a business audience in the city this afternoon.

Trudeau is the frontrunner heading into the Liberal leadership vote next month.


Trudeau says leadership race no place to discuss full economic policy

  1. his plan is real simple – spend your money – then have you pay the bill. and if you cannot, your great grand kids will

    • Justin’s party left Harper with a surplus.

      Harper blew it, and then took us into the worst deficit in our history.

        • Fraid not junky. Any further back you’d like to go?

          • Sorry, but he’s right. For someone who was supposed to have attended the London School of Economics, he failed that grade miserably once he was in power.

      • A surplus is the clearest possible sign that the government is over taxing the population. Why are they collecting money that they won’t spend? Those surpluses would have been used by the private sector to grow the overall economy. You’d think you’d realize this as a self-proclaimed “economist”.

  2. Reminds me of Kim Campbell’s comment about an election not being the time to discuss policy. Presumably Trudeau won’t repeat that particular mistake.

    • Kim Campbell and Belinda Stronach!

    • Campbell immediately came to mind for me as well.

    • He just did. Except now is the time and an election campaign isn’t.

  3. It’s not possible to discuss in detail, plans and policies that don’t exist. This is a popularity contest, not an exercise in selecting a qualified leader.

  4. He is NOT in a place of strength where he can’t speak of policy, he will find the hard way why.