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From (yes, the actor).

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  1. Hahaha That’s excellent, and indeed true. Thanks AC. :)

    I wonder what happens if you trace the number 8 with your finger? I obviously have nothing better to do, so guess who’s about to find out…

  2. yaya, slow news day?

  3. It worked on me the first time I tried it, but when I realised what to expect, I was able to rotate-and-six-in-the-air at my leisure without any reversal of direction.

    I now possess the world’s most useless skill.

  4. Do you know any other good games to play at one’s desk to push the thought of deadlines out of one’s otherwise blank mind?

  5. Anyway, that one was easy. Just draw your six starting from the inside rather than the top. :)

  6. Well, there’s the old – pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time

  7. Didn’t work. Does that indicate irreversible brain-damage?