Try making a movie for adults

$200-million ‘Watchmen’ a box-office flop; director gets $100 million more to make more dreck


It’s a Hollywood story befitting the times: Bonuses for executives who promote economy-destroying mortgages, more studio cash for a film director who uses bank-breaking budgets to make embarrassing flops. Zack Snyder’s comic-strip opera Watchmen, which reportedly cost $150 million and which Warner Brothers spent $50 million marketing, may, best-case-scenario, earn $115 million by the end of its run. But Snyder has little to worry about: IMDB.com has him directing five films in 2010, including the “much-anticipated” animated film Guardians of Ga’Hoole and Sucker Punch, an R-rated flick said to have a budget of $100 million and the Snyder-esque premise of ‘Alice in Wonderland with machine guns.’ Note to Zack Snyder: Read a book (without pictures).

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Try making a movie for adults

  1. For the last 10 years or so, the box office take accounts for about 25% of a movies total take. Add DVD sales, DVD rentals, digital, and TV rights and it will easily turn a profit.

    • Like it’s been oft said about Hollywood. The only creativity anymore is in the accounting department. Cheers.

  2. The watchmen was a good movie from beginning to end. I thought it was just as good as sin city and 300 without being too similar. It might not be profitable yet but I think it went under appreciated.

    • If Sin City and 300 are your frame of reference, Watchmen was Oscar worthy.

  3. A few things to consider:

    1) Watchmen is unique in that the Warner Brother’s also owns the rights to not just the film, but the original book as well. So to get a true picture on how successful the movie is you have to look at total revenue that the film generated for WB. Here’s a hint: since the Watchmen trailer appears WB has sold over 500 000 copies of the book which doesn’t include revenue from t-shirts, toys poster etc.

    2) The article appears to only quote the domestic box office revenue. Last weekend when I checked into it, the combined foreign and domestic revenue was over $160 million

    3) as some body also mention the DVD sales have to be factored into profitability. In fact, again Watchmen is in a unique situation where the film was actually cut in half with one half being shown in theaters while the other half was released direct to DVD yesterday (‘The Black Freighter / Under The Hood”). These who halves of the movie are supposed to be combined into a “director’s cut” which will see the movie (now over 4 hours long) re-released in June in Imax (if this is still the plan).

    All in all, we have to consider that the Watchmen movie doesn’t fit the typical model and isn’t likely something we’ll see again in a long time if ever.

  4. Quite ironically, Watchmen is the quintessential comic for adults.

    I imagine that irony gives Alan Moore ulcers.

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