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Tunisia’s ex-president sentenced to 35 years

Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and wife Leila convicted in absentia of theft, unlawful possession of goods


A Tunisian court has sentenced the country’s former president, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, and his wife, Leila, to 35 years in jail. The country’s former power couple was convicted in absentia of theft and the unlawful possession of large sums of foreign currency, jewellery, archaeological artifacts, drugs and weapons. Ben Ali and other members of The Family fled Tunisia in January after being ousted from government by mass protests. Ben Ali and his wife were also ordered to pay 91 million Tunisian dinars (S65 million) in fines and could yet face more charges.

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Tunisia’s ex-president sentenced to 35 years

  1. You know what a conviction in abstentia will get you, right? Provided you never try to go back home, you will serve no time in jail. I’m sure that Zine el-Abbadine Ben Bella and his lovely wife, Leila, will both be persona non grata in Canada, but there are lots of countries in the world where the people speak Arabic. I think you can anticipate them joining the exile community of dethroned Third World leaders in Saudi Arabia. Or they may even end up on the French Riviera. Ah, c’est la bonne vie!