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Turkey threatens to cut off diplomatic ties with Israel

Longtime allies could be headed for historic rupture


Relations between Israel and its ally Turkey, already strained since Israel raided a Gaza-bound flotilla in May, appear headed for rupture. Turkey has warned Israel that it will cut diplomatic ties with the Jewish state unless Israel apologizes for the raid in which nine activists were killed. Israel’s foreign minister says it will do no such thing. The two countries have had close political and military ties for decades, motivated in part because both are non-Arab democracies in a region dominated by illiberal autocracies.


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Turkey threatens to cut off diplomatic ties with Israel

  1. Go ahead, Turkey. Your loss.

  2. I wish Canada had the gonads to do what Turkey is doing.

    • It doesn't really take gonads to stand up for Israel though… standing up against liberals is a rather easy thing to do. I could sit down and still be standing up to liberals.

      Stand strong Israel! Canada has your back!

  3. Classic Sucker Punch

    Israel is trying to prevent one massive war which will come like hell out of the sky, if Iran succeeds in fully equipping hezbollah and Hamas. The blockade is therefore essential. But Turkey, who couldn't get into the European Union, has thrown its lot in with Iran.

    Turkey's deliberate attempt to create a crisis is as obvious as a lefty condemning Israel. While other ships complied with Israel's request to report to one of two ports ( one in Egypt ) to have their cargo inspected, Turkey deliberately set out to test Israel's resolve.

    Israel did what Israel does, but Turkey succeeded in getting the world wide left ( Libby Davies, and others) to act like the Toronto Queers who parade against Jimmy Carter's incorrect concept of apartheid.