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Turns out you, not Facebook, leaked your messages


The Facebook glitch that got users in a panic earlier this week was no glitch. The supposed “bug” caught the attention of world wide media—including here at Maclean’s—after allegations spread that users’ private messages were showing up on their very public Timeline, going back as far as 2007. Facebook maintained that the system was working fine and users were mistaking public wall posts for private conversations.

An investigation by France’s privacy regulator confirmed that this was, in fact, the case.




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Turns out you, not Facebook, leaked your messages

  1. I hate that FB is blaming this on the user being stupid and forgetful. Do some fact-checking of your own, Macleans. It becomes very clear once you do some digging in FB yourself. Some of the wallposts I’ve seen say “hey, I didn’t want to post this on your wall”, some have been pregnancy scares and some of them are booty calls. That’s what FB chat was for, yeah right we were all dumb enough to post that on public walls when there was a perfectly good, or so we thought, chat/messaging system within facebook.

    • You hit the nail on the head clo

  2. the fact that media continues to deny this very real problem is becoming downright humorous. by this logic, everyone had incredibly bad memories up until 2009?

    no. i warned my friends today. they are warning others. EVERYONE is confirming it as real, except facebook.

  3. Bullshit! I found VERY personal stuff on there that would never be posted. AND so did A LOT of my friends. LIES!!!!!!

  4. Oh thank goodness France proved me wrong. I feel so stupid staring at all these messages that are now visible but don’t exist. Maybe I should see a doctor.

  5. bet you all feel pretty dumb now, lol.