TV harms toddlers, experts say -

TV harms toddlers, experts say

More TV contributes to worse health, performance at school


In a study of 1,300 children by Michigan and Montreal universities, experts found that the more TV a toddler watches, the more likely they are to do badly at school and have poor health by age 10, the BBC reports. Ill effects on older kids rose with every hour of TV watched as a toddler, contributing to worse performance at school and more junk food consumed. Part of the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development Main Exposure, the study asked parents how much TV their kids watched at 29 months and 53 months; on average; two-year-olds watched just under nine hours per week, while four-year-olds watched just under 15 hours. When revisited at age 10, teachers assessed the children’s academic performance, behaviour and health, and body mass index was measured. Higher level of TV viewing at age two was linked to lower level of engagement in the classroom and poor performance in math, as well as a decrease in physical activity and increase in the consumption of soft drinks and body mass index.


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TV harms toddlers, experts say

  1. I just find it very strange that these so called "experts" have to do studies like this about " t V harms toddlers".
    I guess this makes my mother a "expert" with her grade 2 education. She always said T V is not good, especially for the toddlers who are like sponges,absorbing everything that is being said around them or watching people in action.
    She passed away 6 years ago at the age of 81.

  2. It's well known a child's learning capacity up to the age of five is stellar. Should it be exposed to music, art , books as compared to violent cartoons, etc – it's intellect is increased. The years of violent media exposure has produced a like violence in our children and after thirty years of what is viewed on tv, movies, games etc – it is readily apparent the criminal behavior and violence has increased dramatically. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand this – just ask any grandmother.

    • Agree.. lets not forget how over weight children are today..first thing kids do when they get home from school is plunk thier butts down in front of the t.v, computer, or a video game.

      • haha and thats fine!

        • Yes I suppose if you don't mind being obese, and suffering from various medical conditions not to mention low self esteem by the time your the ripe ''old'' age of say, twelve or thirteen years old.