TV-show Glee bans sex on the set -

TV-show Glee bans sex on the set

Producer says sex in cast trailers is out of control


The actors who play lascivious teenagers on the TV show Glee are apparently acting like, well, lascivious teenagers, reports the Telegraph. Ryan Murphy, one of the show’s creators, says that dating between the actors in the show about a high school glee club is fine, but sex at work is not. Murphy won’t say exactly who has been rocking the trailers, but considering most of the actors are approaching 30 years old, he probably can’t stop them from doing what they want off set.


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TV-show Glee bans sex on the set

  1. "This is just like the OC where the teenagers are 25 and the parents are 35!" – Jack MacFarlane

  2. Just like real life.

  3. It would make me pretty gleeful if I got that gig!

  4. religion …the opium of the masses….sex…. the get high quickie of the masses…..better makin then hatin