Tweeps dress down Justin Bieber for wardrobe malfunction at meeting with PM -

Tweeps dress down Justin Bieber for wardrobe malfunction at meeting with PM

What not to wear to pick up a Diamond Jubilee medal


Tweeps dress down Justin Bieber for choice of attire as he met the Prime Minister

"Happy to present @justinbieber with a Diamond Jubilee Medal," the PM tweeted with a photo of the pop star. And that’s when Twitter went nutty. Tweeps took issue with Bieber’s overall get up, then others took on the PM’s attire:

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Justin Bieber received a Diamond Jubilee Medal today from the Canadian Prime Minister. This is real life. Kaczynski
Justin Bieber receives medal from the Canadian Prime Minister. (Real life is better than the Onion) Kaczynski
Justin Bieber gets an award from the Canadian prime minister for dressing like a complete tool
hi im justin bieber and i met the prime minister of canada looking like a hill billy! hahahaaussiebelieber
Hi, I’m Justin Bieber and I just met the Prime Minister of Canada with dressing like a farmer. Bieber Fan
Did anyone see what Justin Bieber wore to that diamond jubilee thing with the Prime Minister? How disgraceful to Canada.Andy Reid
Justin Bieber couldn’t wear an appropriate attire when meeting Prime Minister Harper + receiving an award!! #respect A
Did our Prime Minister seriously wear THAT while presenting a medal to #Bieber ?? @pmharper @justinbieber #stayclassy
Oh Bieber meeting your Canadian Prime Minister like this, is omg….❤NEOLIEBERS
Seriously, Biebs?! "@Gawker: White Trash Prince, Justin Bieber, Wears Overalls to Meet the Prime Minister of Canada"Jennifer Walker
I wanna meet that 18 year old dude who wears overalls to meet the Canadian prime minister and wears a suit to watch Lion King.make you believe.
Bieber seemed amused, at least to judge by his tweet after the meeting:
Overauhls. lolJustin Bieber
Meanwhile … others took the PM to task for his choice of attire: 
The Prime Minister’s Facebook fans are not impressed with Mr. Bieber’s choice of attire:
I think they have a point. That is truly an awful suit, Mr. Prime Minister.Doug Saunders
Yes, the overalls are one up on that – RT @DougSaunders: I think they have a point. That is truly an awful suit, Mr. Prime Minister.Richard Florida

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Tweeps dress down Justin Bieber for wardrobe malfunction at meeting with PM

  1. He is a no talent fool ….what else would you expect?

    • Harper is a huge AH. He happens to be an Anglophile, so he creates this ridiculous “diamond jubilee” award in honor of the English monarch that celebrates Canadian contributions to the world. It’s absolutely priceless that Bieber dissed him and his foolish award.

      Harper should realize there is more to the country than HIM. He is clearly an infant who believes “he makes all the rules” and can do whatever he wants because he is PM. Can’t wait until Canadians flush that POS down the toilet in 2015. No prime minister in our history has been as big a disgrace as Harper has. He is an absolutely disgusting sorry excuse for a human being.

      • Listen troll, FYI 10 years ago Jean Chretien handed out Golden Jubilee medals So they are not something that Steven Harper made up.

        • Take a downer. 60,000 (sixty THOUSAND) of these things will be given out in Canada. Here are the qualifications:

          To be eligible for this honour, a person must:

          Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, but need not necessarily reside in Canada;

          Have made a significant contribution to a particular province, territory, region or community within Canada, or an achievement abroad that brings credit to Canada; and

          Be alive on February 6th, 2012, the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty’s accession to the Throne. The medal can be awarded posthumously, as long as the recipient was alive on that date.

          • What a colossal waste of taxpayer money. All because Harper has an Anglo fetish…

          • I can honestly say that the hardliner francophonie quebecers are a disgrace to Canada. I can say this because I’m French. My direct relative is Sir Wilfrid Laurier, and I’m certain that my G-G-G uncle would agree!

    • which one are you referring to ?

  2. He looks like a seriously ill child who is being granted a wish from the “make a wish foundation”

    • Harper looks even worse…

  3. Yea they are 2 of a kind useless news

  4. First thing, he needs a smack in the head to put the hat right. Second thing, he needs a smack in the head to remove the hat.

    • Harper is the one that needs a smack in the head

      • I’ve never seen him wear a hat while receiving an honour. If and when he does, I’ll agree full heartedly.

        • It’s not an honor. It is a ridiculous award made up by Harper. It has absolutely nothing to do with Canada and Canadians — a vast majority of whom are strongly opposed to Harper’s absurd government that is destroying the country and the economy.

          • There were Golden Jubilee medals handed out when Chretien was PM.

          • Do you have a link?

          • Ron Waller you sound like a very sore LOSER

          • Do you mean Prime Minister Steven Harpers majority government

          • It’s a fake majority government that represents less than 40% of voters. The rest of the developed world is comprised of democracies that represent a majority of voters in government.

            Harper was strongly opposed to our antiquated and undemocratic voting system that arbitrarily awards power. He said it produced a “benign dictatorship.” With him as dictator, it’s not so benign.

          • What a 1st world perspective on what dictatorship is… You sicken me

    • Love that the rednecks are loving this… One has to wonder if that is the statement Bieber is making: Harper is nothing more than an ignorant hillbilly…

      • Love that you assume I’m a redneck because I believe in decorum.

        • No, I meant the Albertan Reformers/Wildrose/Teabaggers are ignorant hillbilly morons and my theory is that Bieber is pointing that out with his disrespectful attire. Probably find lots of rednecks in Alberta dressing like that while they fire buckshot into the air from moving pickup trucks blaring country/western shouting “Yip, yip, yip, YEEHAW!!”

          • Well, that’s a great imagination that you have there..

          • C’mon Ron…seriously?

          • We got ourselves a racist.. Redneck… Lefty… hmm… Must have missed the memo passed out by any of the other parties that bascially don’t exist anymore hahah

      • You sound more like an idiot and a very sore LOSER

      • Guess who I and everyone I know is voting for next election. I’ll give you a hint.

        1) NOT the pretend party starting with N and ending with DP
        2) NOT the party that tore itself apart
        3) NOT the party named after a colour!

  5. Bieber: I heard your mom once say that you need to stop believing your own hype. Well, although you may be deserving of this award, your choice of outfit for such a prestigious award ceremony confirms that. Your level of disrepect has no bounds. You are a total let down for those who call you a role model. Shame on you.

    PS. I’ve often wondered…are you getting any sort of formal education while out there making a fool of yourself?

    • This is hardly a ‘prestigious’ award. The MPs have been handing them out as favours, like timbits. They hold no value because of this.

  6. Classless twit.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • They are talking about you Classless twit.

  7. what was this marty patriquin called this,”PANDERING” !

    • Harper is pandering to himself. He’s the world’s greatest dickhead.

  8. My gawd, you ole folks need to cane on out of here with all this ‘young whippersnapper’ talk!

  9. What is society coming to. Disgraceful receiving a medal.

    • The medal is a disgrace — some ridiculous nonsense made up by Harper to try and weasel some star power to his disgusting cause.

      • Listen troll, FYI 10 years ago Jean Chretien handed out Golden Jubilee medals So they are not something that Steven Harper made up.

        • A new commemorative medal was created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is a tangible way for Canada to honour Her Majesty for her service to this country. At the same time, it serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.

          During the year of celebrations, 60 000 deserving Canadians will be recognized.


          That equals one ‘medal’ for every 580 Canadians. Not so meaningful, but, hey, great for photo ops! Your 2cense handle would be more appropriate as ‘nonsense’.

          • Harper loves wasting taxpayer dollars on self-promotion. He spares no expense. There was the G20 billion-dollar-WEEKEND boondoggle. Then there is the $100M/yr he wastes on “economic action plan” ads that promote a stimulus package that ran out in 2010. Then there is this offensive nonsense.

        • God bugger the Queen in the backside…

  10. As a Conservative i believe Harper is really going too far in maintaining such little decorum. This is a bit much. If he is not bright enough to demand anyone receiving an award on behalf of the Canadian people be properly dressed for the occasion then he is becoming like Carter when he would consult with Little Amy on how the younger generation should be treated.

    • This award is not on behalf of the Canadian people. It is some nonsense Harper made up because he has an English monarch fetish. First he renamed the Canadian forces after the monarch. Then he put our embassies underneath the British. Now there’s this nonsense. Who knows what nonsense he will bring about next.

      Harper has dual citizenship: American and British…

  11. I find it funny that no matter what a people say about how innapropriate Justin Beiber’s attire was. they say “ya, well your insult right back at Harper”

    Seriously, are you all 7 years old in the back of your parrents car and bored out of your mind on a road trip?

  12. He looks like he really did just fall off a turnip truck. Goofball!

  13. Ron Walker- typical liberal upset he has to work and not have things given to him. WAH. Everybody go to work and pay for yourselves and for guys like ronny Baby.