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@Cmdr_Hadfield sends Christmas wishes from space

‘Our stockings are hung by the Node 3 hatch with care …’


Tweeps send @Cmdr_Hadfield Christmas wishes

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Our tree is up – on the ceiling! The beauty of a weightless Christmas. http://pic.twitter.com/GQOF8IB5Chris Hadfield
I recorded my first song on station yesterday. Here is the non-youtube version: https://soundcloud.com/colchrishadfield/jewel-in-the-nightChris Hadfield
@Cmdr_Hadfield Hope Santa found you all right! Best wishes from Canada :)the_empty_boat
@Cmdr_Hadfield Very happy Christmas to all on ISS Chris. Greetings from Dublin, Ireland.You’re the brightest star in our skies these nights.Miriam Ahern
@Cmdr_Hadfield Merry Christmas from your snowy hometown, Sarnia, Ontario. We’re all very proud of you!Philip Blair
Merry Christmas from Birsay, Saskatchewan – where it’s -30C. Colder than space!? @Cmdr_HadfieldGareth Perry
@Cmdr_Hadfield Merry Christmas Chris from Ottawa. Wishing you and the crew all the best and look forward to following your adventure.Mary Sue Evans
@Cmdr_Hadfield Very Merry Christmas to you & your Roomies!Susan G
@Cmdr_Hadfield merry Christmas to everyone who is aboard the iss xxclaire williams
@ageekmom @Cmdr_Hadfield Feliz Navidad!de Joseph M. Acaba
@Cmdr_Hadfield – Marry Christmas to you Chris and to your crewmates!Kyriakos
@Cmdr_Hadfield Merry christmas Mr. Hadfield! Have a great day up there!Zavier P.-Levesque
And here’s Hadfield’s Christmas: 
Our stockings are hung by the Node 3 hatch with care, in hope that St Nicklaus has a big red spacesuit. http://pic.twitter.com/4ZHE24BzChris Hadfield
Running Weightless – my first-ever session on the T2 treadmill. I felt like a newborn calf, clumsy and awkward. http://pic.twitter.com/tYssrkWlChris Hadfield
Music on High – playing Christmas carols while floating over the eastern Mediterranean. Miraculous. http://pic.twitter.com/usoY3pB0Chris Hadfield

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