Twitter app for Windows gets update, now in line with iOS and Android


Twitter users who operate on a Windows-based smartphone now get the same experience as users on iOS and Android platforms.

In a blog post Tuesday, the social media service announced an update to its Windows app that “brings the app in line with other Twitter apps.”

Notably, the updated app offers four tabs to allow users to navigate: Home, Connect, Discover and Me — something that iOS and Android users already have.

It also features new tweet and search icons and live tiles, which allow users to put Twitter links on their start screens.

“Twitter has recently been working hard to make its user experience consistent across various platforms, and today’s move is just the latest in its attempts to ensure that users have a similar experience,” writes Daniel Terdiman at CNET.

It’s a move that will become all the more important as Twitter looks to introduce new ads that need to function smoothly across all operating systems, he notes.

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