Twitter comes down hard on Trump's non-announcement -

Twitter comes down hard on Trump’s non-announcement

Aaron Hutchins rounds up the reaction


Donald Trump’s announcement and the teasing that ensued

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Donald Trump, the real estate mogul, is pretty good at getting media attention.
Trump dropping Obama bombshell this weekinboxnews
Trump had heralded an announcement that was “very very big concerning the president of the United States” and that it would be “bigger than anybody would know.” 
In true Trump fashion, he forced people to wait for the news.
Story will be released today at 12 noon EST on Twitter and Facebook.Donald J. Trump
I think it’s very thoughtless of Donald Trump to schedule an appearance when so many of us will be eating.Andy Borowitz
Sure, there were silly predictions…
Maybe Trump will prove that Obama’s been killing people extrajudicially, including Americans, with flying death-robots.Timothy P Carney
BREAKING: Donald Trump to announce how easily a rich idiot can get everyone’s attention at 12 EST.Josh Hara
But finally…. the announcement!!
From the Desk of Donald Trump: Major Announcementtrump
But there was no “big news.” In fact, the whole thing wasn’t anything new or enlightening.
RT @APCampaign:Trump to Obama: $5 million donation to charity if you release passport and college records #Election2012Donald J. Trump
I am happy to donate $5 million to a charity Barack Obama chooses. All I am asking is that he is transparent with the American peopleDonald J. Trump
My offer to Obama is about transparency. In 2008, American people were sold on hope and change. This our last chance to get the full record.Donald J. Trump
Trump’s story carried so little weight or importance that Twitter was quick to make fun of the Donald:
I will give $500 to charity if Donald Trump gives up his hairdresser’s passport and college records.Ricky Gervais
BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump to reveal that President Obama is not only half black but half whiteDrunk Ass Rick
BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump reveals that President Obama has two black girls with a woman named MichelleDrunk Ass Rick
AHAHAHAHA We all were right. Trump wants Obama on The Celebrity Apprentice. 5mill for Birth Certificate! I just cant❤❤ Mamacita
Donald Trump would be a crap Bond villain. Also, I reckon he should spend the whole $5 million on a massive hat. Ayres
Donald Trump is quickly becoming the least entertaining Bond villain ever.CollegeHumor
Trump is now making an offer to the Baja Men. #trump #transcripts #obama Allegretto
BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump demands Latifah tells what country she’s the queen ofDrunk Ass Rick
BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump demands to know what medical school Dr Dre went toDrunk Ass Rick
Obama desperately producing documents from college years to meet Trump’s challenge. This ID looks suspicious… Ellis
Obama, watching Donald Trump’s video.
I am giving Mr. Trump a 5pm deadline to deal w/ the hair.Andy Cohen
Trump is now offering 23 BILLION for something else from #obama #BoycottTrump #Donald #transcripts Morning Movement
"It is not the policy of the United States government to negotiate with Donald Trump."Jon Lovett
Trump now making offer to @PearlJam … #trump #obama #transcripts #BoycottTrump Morning Movement
The media were also mostly unimpressed with the Trump’s story.
Surprise! Donald Trump’s much-hyped Obama announcement is actually about Trump himself |
In light of Trump’s latest foolish attempt at importance, we will ignore him for the foreseeable future #BoycottTrumpThe Daily Beast
Trump Announces He’s A Very Sad Man Onion
"I’m a sad, pathetic human being and a complete waste of life." – Donald Trump Onion
NOT BREAKING: Donald Trump releases edited video of himself shouting nonsense at a cameraEd Schultz
You know what else Donald Trump could do? Just give 5 million dollars to charity without asking for anything of anyone.Caissie St.Onge
Donald Trump calls Obama the "least transparent President in history." Right, because we’ve all seen James Polk’s college application.Mike Drucker
Dear Donald Trump: definition of "charity" is "Generosity toward others or toward humanity," NOT "creepy Youtube video ploy for attention."Sarah Colonna
Fake Billionaire Donald Trump drops fake bombshell abt fake controversy so a fake reality show can get actual ratings.John Fugelsang
With esteemed and measured voices like Donald Trump raising relevant questions I’m shocked American politics are such a mess.Adam McKay

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Twitter comes down hard on Trump’s non-announcement

  1. LOL and Mcleans responds by posting a non-story about it. Classic!

    • 2 stories actually! Just to prove how unimportant it is!

      But at least this was harmless. There was a rumour that he was going to open the Obamas’ divorce papers. Ugh. Can you imagine? Going back and digging through someone’s years old divorce papers looking for a slimy political gain?

      One can only imagine the damage he would have done to himself and the Romney campaign if he’d collaborated with Romney to try a stunt like that.

      Good thing we’ll never have to worry about any media reports of Obama trying something slimy like that. I’m almost certain you’d never see a media report like that involving Obama. Thank goodness. We wouldn’t want to see news reports like that come out and sully his good name.

      Remember when the job of the media used to be to report on the news stories of the day…how they were supposed to focus on the wrongdoing and corruption of government of the day, rather than just taking pot shots at the one political party they don’t like? Seems like a very long time ago.

      • Most of the Trump reporting and hype was on Fox News. They were building it up as a big deal more than anyone else.

        Though, I suppose it’s true that Fox News is arguably in the tank for Obama. Why else would they bring the people they so regularly bring on to say the things they say? They’re like a feeder system for the Daily Show.

        • Maclean’s now has 3 posts on Donald Trump’s silly offer.

          Maclean’s, with Parisella, Savage, Singer, Petrou, Feschuk, and whoever this Aaron Hutchins character is all writing about the US election, has zero posts about the Benghazi emails, which is more and more looking like a scandal that will make Watergate look like a jaywalking charge.

          Zero posts about a Democrat operative caught OK’ing the forging of utility bills to commit electoral fraud.

          Zero posts about voter fraud occurring against Republicans in Florida.

          Zero posts about Obama’s illegal fundraising activites

          The same is going on at every single news outlet in this country except Sun News. They are the only ones writing about any of this to any Canadian readers that don’t go to the US for news.

          Who the f**k is ordering this stuff swept under the carpet? “Journalistic scandal” doesn’t even begin to cover this.

          Is this what we have to look forward to here in Canada once the Liberals or NDP are returned to power?

          • I mostly don’t know what you are talking about (reinforcing the meme about lack of coverage) except for the voter fraud being wide open down there. And now the Supremes say that errors are inevitable here, as well, allowing us also into the new growth industry of voter fraud mechanisms. Except we’ll still buy American because they have proof of effectiveness, so it isn’t even a “job creator.”
            Don’t be surprised when you don’t hear that Democrats are now doing what Republicans have done for years (also without much coverage, btw)
            Instead, how about some outrage that any of this is going on?

          • I mostly don’t know what you are talking about

            And for a high information, news following person such as you seem to be, that’s truly scandalous that you haven’t come across this. Benghazi in particular. The latest revelations are, and I’m speaking here without a trace of hyperbole, truly impeachment worthy.

            Of course I’m outraged. If you are willing to plug your nose, hold your breath, and go read Drudge once in a while, I bet you’d be utterly shocked at what you are not being told about, living in the nice little world of the CBC, Toronto Star, G&M, and Maclean’s, where all is well and will remain so as long as the evil Republican menace is held at bay.

          • Just on the off chance that CBC, Toronto Star, G&M, and Maclean’s deserve defending in this instance, I’ll say that I haven’t been up on my reading lately, being under deadlines of several varieties. So it is possible it’s me more than my sources of news (Facebook!). I see kcm2 knows what you are talking about, and he had to find out somewhere (I trust that won’t include FoxNews)
            Doesn’t change the fact that while there may have been some rumblings, no mainstream news coverage of Republican voting fraud (or not much–nothing I ever saw) existed, either. Frankly, I had no idea until it happened here, and THEN it was generally acknowledged, in a vague sort of way.

          • I know what he’s talking about in only general terms and i rarely bother delving into US news sources – either pro or anti Obama/Romney. I got to watch the debate coverage on NBC, that’s about it.

          • You last point is always missing from JG’s arguments as far as i can see.

          • There’s a difference between “errors” and “fraud”.

            And yes, if a Republican president had lied for two weeks about the circumstances of a terrorist attack that killed a US ambassador and 4 other US citizens, it would be all over the news, both American and Canadian.

          • Quoting Sun as a credible news source and comparing watergate to a jay walking misdemeanor in reference to Benghazi is hardly making your argument more credible.

          • I’ll repeat. Maclean’s has 3 posts about Donald Trump, and zero posts about the White House being caught lying about what it knew when about Benghazi.

            Who’s more credible?

          • Not Drudge.. considering they were the ones proudly claiming they had “the facts” about Obama being Kenyan.

            They’re a right wing rag john, and they’re quite happy to use whatever made up shit they can find, without bothering to source check, because they know the inflammatory stuff gets them more readers and more advert views.

          • Umm…no. Drudge doesn’t publish or make up his own news. The one proudly claiming Obama was Kenyan was the literary agent who wrote his biographical summary. Which Obama presumably either wrote himself, or at least would have reviewed and corrected. It stated that same thing for 16 years, and was conveniently “corrected” just before the 2008 election.

            Drudge didn’t write that bio Thwim. He just linked to the story. And yes, it’s newsworthy.

            Just curious by the way…what exactly do think is stopping Obama from releasing his college applications? Seems like a pretty harmless document to me. What could possibly be on there that would make him refuse to release a college application?

            You dont think it could be another “biographical error” written by whoever penned his college application, do you?

          • We all know the answer. Obama was a poor student.

          • Trump isn’t asking for his transcripts. He’s asking for the application.

          • I see. Well, likely this means that Trump has heard reliable sources that Obama was passing himself off as a Kenyan in more than one place, not just on his publisher’s bio.

          • Dunno. Never bothered to think about it. It might just be that he doesn’t think it’s anybody else’s business. As I’ve explained before, I’m proud to be Canadian, and have no desire to be American, so really don’t give a crap.

            Why you do is your business, I guess.

          • Maybe…just maybe, macleans likes to fact check before they stick their neck out? Sun ought to try it sometime.


            You are an idiot and are #blocked. I won’t be responding to you anymore. Don’t bother me with your idiotic, uninformed drivel.

          • Take a pill or a cookie bud. You’re taking this all too personally.

          • No, he’s right, your comment was idiotic and uninformed and you speak without the slightest idea of what you’re talking about.

          • Awww…you need a cookie too?

          • @john g: Not Drudge. They were the ones proudly touting that Obama was a Kenyan.

          • To answer your question, we’ve already experienced it. Last Canadian federal election we had reporters whining about Harper’s 5 questions and people being turned away at rallies, how evil conservatives are and how utterly evil conservatives are. It was a non-stop whine-fest attack on the Conservatives for the most meaningless, pointless, ridiculous fake scandals and childish drivel. It was absolutely the most partisan, biased, stupid and childish media coverage of any election campaign I had ever witnessed. I’m sure it can get worse, but they’re past the point of no return.

            If I recall correctly, Paul Wells, one of the few remaining journalists in Canada, actually wrote a long diatribe about the sorry state of the media. So did a few others.

            The good news is that nobody trusts the “mainstream” media anymore. I don’t see a lot of difference between Canada and the US in that regard.

          • No he didn’t. All Wells pointed out was that it was counter productive in the end to waste one or more of your 5 questions whining about why you only had 5 questions – he had a point, he usually does. If you’ve seen a long diatribe about the sad state of the media and consequently cheering for the Harper stand on limiting media access i’d like to know where it is?
            And just because people other than cons may have been whining does not automatically invalidate those complaints.

          • Wrong.

          • Evidence.

          • Go ahead.

          • You made the assertion. Funny how it works that way.

          • Wrong.

          • Given the relative scale of the two attacks, I’m just not sure that on a per capita basis the Banghazi stuff is really getting less coverage than, say “Bin Laden determined to attack in the U.S.” or the many pre-9/11 warnings that the Bush administration had that something big was about to happen.

          • So you’re claiming lying is OK when less than 2000 people are dead. Great point.

          • I’m pretty sure all I said was that there doesn’t have to be some great conspiracy a foot for the lead up to an embassy attack that killed 4 Americans to get less coverage than the lead up to 9/11 did.

  2. Crap as usual

  3. God knows only the smartest people in the world comment about politics on Twitter. In fact, if Twitter were the barometer, I’m pretty sure Pierre Trudeau would be PM of Canada today.

  4. Here is definite confirmation that money can not buy class….Donald Trump certainly is the epitome of no class!!!

  5. It’s a very savvy play to make Romney look good…go on, take the bait Miit.

  6. “I am offering $5 million if Donald Trump will prove, on live TV, that is not circumcised.”

  7. what’s the issue…Obama should go 4 shouldnt threaten his chances 4 a 2nd term or his American citizenship…bsides n hopefully the poor will hav sumthing 2 eat..Obama should donate the $5M 2 me so I can start a non-charitable Org (food production) 2 feed the hungry…Obama n Trump can b lifetime members Directors on the Org’s Board of Directors…