Twitter kills Brüno?

Negative reviews on Twitter may have hurt movie’s box-office draw


Brüno is no Borat, and that includes its take at the box-office. Though Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film was a smash success on Friday, its grosses dropped by 40% between then and Saturday. The movie still won the weekend, but it didn’t live up to the expectations of the studio, Universal, which paid $45 million for the right to distribute it. Some observers think that Twitter may be to blame: reviews of Brüno on the social-networking site were mostly negative, warning other users that it wasn’t as good as Borat and telling them to stay away. It used to be that negative word-of-mouth took a while to spread, allowing a movie to have a great opening weekend before people realized they didn’t like it. Today, a movie can be sunk within 24 hours by something even worse than word-of-mouth: word-of-tweet.

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Twitter kills Brüno?

  1. Goes both ways. If a movie is good, word of mouth or word of tweet, can pay dividends. The only thing social media sites and the internet itself are doing is helping viewers sort out the good from the bad faster and easier. If companies like Fox, WB and Universal were smart they would understand that they can't get away with putting out crap anymore and expect to make millions off it. Sorry I stand corrected. Transformers 2. (remove foot from mouth)