Twitterverse vs. Brazeau in battle of the sexist


Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau can’t get it right.

First he gets pummeled in a boxing match against Justin Trudeau, then he gets grilled on Twitter after making sexist remarks to a CP reporter.

Hours after CP reporter Jennifer Ditchburn tweeted a story she wrote about how Brazeau is both the youngest senator and the senator with the worst attendance in the Senate, Brazeau took it personally.

“when u smile Jen, others suffer. Change the D to a B in your last name and we’re even! Don’t mean it but needs saying,” he tweeted at her earlier today.

His remarks prompted immediate and fiery retorts from many on Twitter, even those beyond Brazeau’s nearly 2,000 followers.

He recently tweeted at her again, saying, “U disregarded what I told u. Didn’t insinuate anything, rather was a response due to my personal circumstance. No offence svp.” and “perhaps we should even take the time to sit down and chat to get facts before publishing one-sided stories. I’m open.”

Not surprisingly, some of the online remarks from fellow tweeters suggest that it may be time to abolish the Senate.

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Twitterverse vs. Brazeau in battle of the sexist

  1. He could of made a difference in the lives of 1st Nations, but all we got was a spoiled child who was given a lifetime paycheck because his Dad supports Harper.

    Time to abolish this whole government of self centered snake oil salesmen and ladies.

  2. I was sorely disappointed by his remark, as a woman I feel offended. I know he apologized but he needs to show real change with his actions. People that chooses to do public service needs to realize that manners aren’t just courtesy but a duty.

    • I was amazed to read he was stupid enough to post that. Does he not understand how the internet works?

  3. And this is to advertise Harper’s wisdom at appointing responsible people to the Senate? How low this Gutterment has brought our wonderful country.

    • Have no love of the senate but Liberals didnt appoint a group of winners either

      • Brian, the senator called a woman a bitch in public because she was doing her job. There is no defense for that, no matter how much you despise Liberals. You cannot name one Liberal senator who has been so vile, you are just slinging dirt to defend the indefensible. Be better than that, or you are being just as low by defending.

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