Two dead, eight wounded in Empire State Building shooting


At least 10 people were shot this morning outside the Empire State Building in New York City. The Associated Press reports that witnesses saw a single gunman firing indiscriminately near the iconic tourist attraction. Reuters reports that two people, one of whom is reportedly the shooter, have been killed.

Federal officials said the violence wasn’t related to terrorism. One unnamed police officer said the shooting was the result of a “workplace dispute.”

Update: The shooter has been identified as a 58-year old clothing designer who had been fired and his target was a former co-worker. He fired at police, who fired back at him and eventually killed him.

Bystanders were hurt in the crossfire, the New York Times reports.

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Two dead, eight wounded in Empire State Building shooting

  1. These incidents seem to be occurring weekly in the good ol’ U.S. of A. these days.

    • Yes neuroticdog, I agree. Too bad the good old USA is to busy bringing this brand of democracy to other countries to bother dealing with things inside it’s own borders…
      Also worth noting, the perpetrator only shot his intended victim… all bystanders were shot by police… what’s that packaged political term… oh yes… “saving American lives” I guess that only applies to actions outside American borders.

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