Two girls for every boy

Proximity to equator affects sex ratio


The fact that more girls than boys are born worldwide is one that’s baffled researchers for more than a century. But a new study finds that proximity to the equator narrows the gap. Using a decade of data on sex ratio at birth and annual variations in day length and temperature, along with the latitude of 202 capital cities, Kristen J. Navara of the University of Georgia found that European and Asian countries had the highest sex ratios (51.4 per cent boys), which African countries had the lowest sex ratios with 50.7 percent boys.

New York Times

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Two girls for every boy

  1. More girls than boys born each year….lowest ratio of 51.4% boys. Something is not adding up.

    • Oops lowest ratio 50.7% boys, still the same problem, just looked up too quickly

  2. So does this mean if I move up to the north pole that the babes abound?

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